“We ended up with Kyle Trask, alone, at the top tier.”

If you want to hear a ringing endorsement of this year’s SEC quarterbacks, don’t dial this clip up at the 5:20 mark and listen.

You have to think somebody in this bunch will step up and exceed expectations, but who knows which quarterback(s) that will be?


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6 responses to ““We ended up with Kyle Trask, alone, at the top tier.”

  1. Was the criteria for QBs who could throw a 5-yard slant and watch his WR runs 50 yards against Idaho State? If so, Kyle Tras[h] definitely sits atop that list.

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  2. Answer: the QB who has significant raw talent AND coaches/coordinators who know how to utilize it and design their offense around 1) maximizing his strengths and 2) minimizing his weaknesses.

    Another reason why I like Newman to rise to the top out of this group.


  3. CB

    I thought the synopsis of Newman at 8:00 was fair and reasonable. I admit I’ve kind of just shrugged my shoulders and accepted that he’s a future NFL starter/heisman candidate simply because that’s what everyone says.

    Yeah he throws an accurate deep ball, and his surrounding talent will be much improved in Athens, but the defenses will also be better and he’s never thrown for 300 yards against a P5 opponent. Could go either way.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s gonna be great watching Monken and Newman make a$$holes of all these pundits.

    Hey, if we just do the RB handoff/QB keeper option correctly, Newman might gain 1,000 yards without throwing a pass.

    Why are pundits under the impression we have to light it up passing or we’re f#*ked? That thinking rightfully applies to fu, but not a team as deep and talented as we are at RB and OL.

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    • Yep. We can actually use the word option in option plays. Pretty cosmic.. I don’t think we’re moving to West Coast 5 out offens. Kirby will still be Kirby. It’s just a matter of effectively utilizing the play calls and tools that are already there.

      Where still gonna pound the heck out of our opponents and still beat them physically as number one priority.