Honor among thieves

Boy, Greg Sankey threw his conference members under a bus yesterday.

“It would be difficult and confusing,” Sankey said when asked about managing various state laws among the league’s 14 member schools. “Knowing the competition within my 11 states, I can foresee quickly the other 10 one-upping each other. And I think that’s a problem for fair and equitable competition.”

Well, damn, Commish. I just wish one of the senators at the hearing had asked him which school concerned him the most.

Maybe they should name the new law the Uniform Bagman Code.


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4 responses to “Honor among thieves

  1. Did the GA legislature consider any NLI bills? Haven’t heard about it, if they did…


    • There’s no rush. If Congress doesn’t get something done by next January, I’d expect the Ga. Legislature to step up with a copy of Florida’s law and pass it… and you know Kemp will sign that sucker as soon as it hits his desk.


  2. CB

    Did Sankey just inadvertently describe the free market? #KeepCollegeSocialist would be an honest hashtag.