How the East was won

From a David Paschall piece ranking of how SEC programs have fared in cross-divisional regular-season games since their inception come three tidbits, in order of enjoyment.


… Georgia’s lofty ranking here is largely due to having just three losses to permanent cross-divisional foe Auburn in the last 15 seasons and for having the ability to typically thrash West teams that are struggling.


Spurrier was 23-7 in cross-divisional games during the regular season, so the Gators actually have a losing record against the West since his magnificent era that yielded six SEC titles in 12 seasons.


Tennessee’s tremendous run during the back half of the 1990s included 14 consecutive wins over West squads, but it was just the opposite during the 2010s, when instability in Knoxville yielded 15 straight cross-divisional losses.

Explains a lot about the last decade.


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6 responses to “How the East was won

  1. Georgia – thank you, CMR, for turning the South’s Oldest Rivalry (no, Virginia, you are no longer considered a southern state) into our favor, and, Kirby keep up the good work.

    Florida – keep living in the 90s, Handbags. The gap between you and the league’s Big 3 keeps growing.

    Tennessee – hahahahahaha! The fan base prays for Nick Saban to get hit by a Tuscaloosa campus bus. It sucks to be a likely 0-4 before you even tee the ball up.


  2. 81Dog

    UGA has quietly taken hold of the Auburn series and squeezed the life out of it. And it could be even more lopsided if not for their fluke wins in 2005 and 2013. It hasn’t made AU fans any more rational or realistic, but it has shut them up a good bit.

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    • Down Island Way

      The fact that “the gus bus” is sucking the barners dry is a joy to this boy…plus that giant wall at “the gus bus” residence dedicated to hisself makes having Kirby Smart as the head Dawg at UGA that much richer…here’s a “california welcome” to all those flat liners that believe being numero uno in the cesspool they live and breath in is a high standard of living

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  3. practicaldawg

    There’s a lot of goodness to unpack here, but the central theme is how anomalous the 90s were. It was a good one-off decade for UF and Tenn and a bad one-off decade for UGA and Bama.

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  4. rchris

    “records do not include games later vacated or forfeited under NCAA sanctions”. He had to do it that way to get Bama to come out on top.


  5. MGW

    Who’s come as close without winning it all so consistently as Georgia? Especially without ever really completely collapsing aside from a down year here and there.