All dressed up and nowhere to go

I can’t figure out if this is good news or bad for Georgia Tech football.

Screenshot_2020-07-06 Dragon Con is Staying Home For A While on Twitter After an exhaustive attempt to consider and uncover[...]


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10 responses to “All dressed up and nowhere to go

  1. W Cobb Dawg


    The new, fully operational, death star will be ready by then.


  2. Dragon Con is great, and I’ll never understand the digs at tech over gaming. I’m absolutely certain the much larger number of more normal liberal arts majors at Georgia game, than the vast number of foreign students studying technical degrees at Tech do. Furthermore, a lot of dragon con is authors/ actors. The real geeks and nerds for dragon con were those of us that went when it was barely a thing. Now it’s one of the biggest if not the 2nd biggest fantasy science fiction convention in the world. Pretty sad

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  3. I had a four paragraph reply typed out about the evils of gaming and why it leads many married fathers to shirk their responsibilities at home and in their communities, but I deleted it.


  4. Will

    As a Georgia Double Dawg, I’ve gone to DragonCon a few times myself and enjoyed it (for the most part; people need to learn what deodorant is). I think this is the right move, and am glad they didn’t try to move forward with that many people in that small of a space.

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    • Down Island Way

      Deodorant/lysol or just plain cleanse the body daily instead the periodic weekly or bi weekly act of bathing…just asking for a person that lives on the corner of techwood dr and north ave, who doesn’t shave her legs monthly

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  5. Cojones

    Thought this would be about the GT faculty’s reaction to incoming students not wearing masks if they want to go in that direction. They are pretty pissed that their lives may be endangered by the unscientific decision by the gov and our legislators not making it mandatory to wear them. Don’t blame them.


  6. Emerging from alley

    Wow, no one has a sense of humor around here anymore. Next thing you know dawg fans will be defending wearing jorts. 2020 has been a strange year for sure.


  7. Sanford222view

    I would have assumed they would just require everyone to dress as a masked character from Star Wars for protection. Seems thousands of Vader or Boba Fett costumes would make for a fairly safe environment.


  8. pcpup

    Virtual cosplay doesn’t sound like much fun.