Updated depth chart

Jake Rowe has updated his 2020 offensive depth chart for the Dawgs here.  His big surprise, if you want to call it that, is projecting true freshman Broderick Jones as the starting right tackle, but there are a couple of other interesting tidbits scattered in there.

At tight end:

1. Tre’ McKitty (Grad.)

2. John FitzPatrick (RSoph.)

3. Ryland Goede (RFr.)/Brett Seither (RFr.)/Darnell Washington (Fr.)

One of the challenges the offense faces this spring is getting McKitty comfortable in the offense. He has been on campus for about three weeks and will have to be a quick study when it comes to Monken’s scheme. UGA also has to build some reliable depth at this spot. McKitty isn’t your traditional inline tight end so FitzPatrick might fill that role early in the season. Washington is going to be tough to keep off the field while Goede just has to stay healthy. Seither is an athletic option but has a similar skillset to McKitty so it might be tough for him to find snaps.

For a position we almost take for granted — just like Coley! — there’s actually a fair amount to unpack there.  That they need McKitty ready to go from the jump, and Washington being something of a raw talent, leads me to think this might be the spot set back most by no spring practice.

On a more hopeful note, Rowe has this to say about one of the true freshman receivers:  “(Arian) Smith has been turning heads since voluntary workouts began and may be a little further along in his development than we originally thought. He’s worth keeping a close eye on early in the year.”  Smith is a blazer, but was perceived to need more time to polish his game.  If he’s ready early, the thought of him and Newman’s big arm on the same page could really be something.



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10 responses to “Updated depth chart

  1. Ran A

    Missed that deep threat and the ability to just ‘run by’ a secondary. The scheme and Jake’s unwillingness to throw to the middle, meant defenses that were able to cheat up and to the side lines.

    Play calling that will open up the middle, with a QB that will throw over the middle will be the biggest change. Smith’s speed will, if nothing else, take away support over the middle, that should allow for the potential for bigger plays.

    Still expecting Robinson and Cook to benefit the most out of the new offense. Smith’s speed just opens it up that much more.

    Balance… That’s what I expect, with maybe a slight tilt to the passing game, when you include passes out of the backfield to backs.

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  2. Godawg

    I’m looking forward to seeing Darnell. That guy is a freak of nature. I know he’s young but can’t wait to see what he brings to the table.

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Salyer at one of the OT spots is a given. Starting Thomas as a true freshman was the exception to the rule for Kirby. Everyone else redshirts.
    Jones beating Truss or one of the other returnees right from the start of the season would be a seismic event.


    • Sanford222view

      Didn’t Cade Mays start consistently as a freshman?


      • W Cobb Dawg

        You may be right. I believe Mays and Cleveland split time at G, and I think Mays also backed up Thomas a bit. The consistent starters on that OL were Thomas, Kindley, Gaillard and Wilson.


  4. jt10mc (the other one)

    Mckitty, Seither and Washington are mismatch nightmares for LB’s and Safeties. Especially Washington. Big enough to block down on DE’s and fast enough to torch LB’s and Safeties. Yep he will be hard to keep off the field. The other two are very athletic and fast. They are both like large WR’s. I think we are moving towards a “Flex” TE position where they can either block or flex out in the slot. Monken is an offensive guru. Heck he made Tampa Bay look like a competent passing offense…which is almost a miracle.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Washington is intriguing, for sure. But I think it is hard to know how good he will be, really, because he was a huge and fast fish in a small pond. He could just out-physical anyone in high school. There will be faster and bigger fish here, and technique will be important for him to learn. I hope he is a quick study.


  6. Will (the other one)

    I know it’s a long shot, particularly with the new faces on the Oline, but I daydream about about a 2-TE formation where two guys in the 6’5 250 lb range run pass routes (and maybe one motions out to the slot before the snap.)


  7. Rocketdawg

    Hope McKitty makes the offense purrrr….

    I’ll see myself out.