“They (Tennessee) never offered him…”

And in Knoxville.

And lastly, you have three-star Ladd McConkey‍. He earned his offer from the Bulldogs late in the process after head coach Kirby Smart went to watch him play basketball. McConkey took a late visit to Tennessee, his childhood favorite school, but the Vols decided not to extend an offer.

Sources say McConkey took that personally, and the Bulldogs were able to easily secure his commitment after that.

…  “They were pretty forthright with him. They told him that they had a couple of guys ahead of him on their board, and if those guys decided to commit, that there wouldn’t be a spot for him. He left the visit from Tennessee with a sour taste in his mouth. I honestly think that even if they had offered, he would have chosen Georgia. It meant a lot to him that head coach Kirby Smart believed in him enough to offer when he didn’t have any other big options.”

Smart isn’t the only one.

“He’s definitely a prototypical slot for Monken’s style of offense,” Brantley said. “He’s extremely, extremely intelligent. Playing QB will help him identify zones and know what’s going on in the defense. He will be able to get open in a man to man situation against any safety or linebacker, but he will also have the intelligence to know where to sit down in the soft spots in zone coverage.”

A good fit in Georgia’s offense with an Urnge chip on his shoulder?  Gee, that sounds promising.  And cold.  Very cold.


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20 responses to ““They (Tennessee) never offered him…”

  1. Ran A

    This kid is the sleeper in the entire receiver group. That PITA smaller white guy that just has a knack of getting open and extending drives. And in this system… Who knows…

    And it would be fun to watch him just ‘kill’ UTjr. for four years in a row… 🙂


    • Texas Dawg

      Agreed. Remember the guy from UMASS that ate our lunch?


      • He didn’t really eat our lunch until we had 3rd teamers and walk-ons in the game. If I remember correctly, Dre Baker covered him all over the field. When they ran that double reverse pass to him against our scrubs, I wanted Kirby to drop 80 on them.


        • He was good with amazing fortitude, but we definitely started mailing it in while they were playing for a NC….that shaded the look of the game.


  2. MGW

    He looks incredibly quick on tape. Seems like an Isaiah McKenzie type. Hope he pans out because I’d love to see that kind of player in a little more creative offense than McKenzie played in. Big time headache for defenses.


  3. practicaldawg

    Can’t wait to hear him singing Rocky Top as he walks out of the Neyland press room a la Fromm

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  4. TimberRidgeDawg

    Kirby’s own Hunter Renfroe


  5. Dawg1

    If he is half as good as Edelman or Amendola… 🙂

    Or maybe Andy Isabella. (Imagine that kid completely overshadowed Field’s own impressive night. Seems a looooooong time ago!)


  6. FarmerDawg

    Sounds like how Chris Doering made his money at Florida, and that’s a compliment.


  7. Uglydawg

    I hate myself for this.
    I’m going to say something positive about UT.
    I think it was kind of decent of them to be honest with the kid instead of leading him on and then dumping on him by withdrawing an offer.
    That’s been an ugly problem for some programs.
    But that’s as far as I can go with positive thoughts or expressions about the nasty orange.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Cold. Very cold. Cold as a Creamsicle?


  9. Dawgflan

    I really loved the kid’s tape and hope he pans out. But let’s get ready to hear all the usual white guy descriptors, haha:

    1) Scrappy
    2) High motor
    3) Gamer
    4) Sneaky athletic
    5) Gritty
    6) Winner
    7) High football IQ
    8) Good fundamentals
    9) Plays the game the right way
    10) Lunch pail guy
    11) Heady, cerebral
    12) Deceptive speed
    13) Gym rat
    14) Intangibles
    15) Gets the most out of his abilities
    16) Has a lot of heart
    17) Grinder
    18) Out-hustles
    19) Someone you’d love your daughter to date
    20) Wes Welker type
    21) Coach’s son
    22) Faster than he appears


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