Yeah, it’s here.

Per Weiszer, in a recent ESPN podcast, Kirby Smart had this to say about COVID-19:

While Georgia has not released any data on any positive COVID-19 tests for football players, Smart indicated there has been some.

“We’re getting up to date information, day to day,” Smart said. “We do a great job of communicating who all has been involved. We’ve got guys over weekends that may have gone somewhere or been exposed. Contact tracing has worked really well as far as protecting guys. We’ve got a set of protocols that we follow.”

Smart said previously that if a player tested positive during workouts, that contact tracing will be used. The player also would be isolated.

He said keeping those in the “inner bubble,” including coaches and staff safe is a priority.

Smart praised Georgia director of sports medicine Ron Courson and staff.

“This recent spike in numbers, I do think that our staff has done a tremendous job,” Smart said.

Honestly, I would have been surprised if he had said there were no cases.  I’m sure they’re on the mother.  Let’s hope that’s enough.


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    I doubt anyone is surprised by this.


    • Russ

      I agree. When I saw the general student number jump (Seth listed them) at the start of June, you knew a significant part of that had to be athletes since they were the largest group returning to campus. I’m glad Kirby doesn’t try to whitewash it.

      The real questions will come this fall once they start trying to play the games.


  2. Faltering Memory

    Thank Heavens for Ron Courson.


  3. The Ivy League has ruled out playing all sports this fall, executive director Robin Harris told ESPN on Wednesday, marking the first Division I conference to say it will not hold sports this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    No decision has been made about winter or spring sports or whether fall sports could be played in the spring of 2021.


    • 92 Grad

      Helleva statement. Are you trying to say that you think the P5 should shut it down? I hate to inform you, but, the cat is out of the bag. Everyone is exposed sooner or later. The idea of an SEC stadium with zero covid cases in attendance is absurd. You have to just accept it at this point.