Coming and going

Here’s a good summary of who’s in and who’s out on the offensive side of the ball, from Anthony Dasher.  A few highlights:

  • Nine, count ’em, nine quarterbacks on the roster now.  Whatever else may happen, Kirby Smart is not going to put himself in a position where depth prevents him from letting his quarterback run when the situation calls for it.
  • Another indication that Salyer is being penciled in as the starter at left tackle.
  • Blaylock is “(s)upposedly ready to go after undergoing ACL surgery”?  Dang, that’s good news.
  • Inject this directly into my veins:  “The thought is that Monken really wants to get Cook more involved than he’s been his first two seasons…”

Y’all have anything to add?


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8 responses to “Coming and going

  1. truck

    He forgot the annual “Tight ends will be utilized more.”


  2. DugLite

    Georgia has to cull 4 or 5 players right?


  3. Mayor

    Really great synopsis! A must read. Thanks Senator!


  4. dawgtired

    Man, that is a lot of flesh on the OL!
    That is great news on Blaylock! That is a good collection of talent at WR. I like Cook, I hope he is utilized more as suggested.
    Darnell Washington could play the part of the Predator in the “Predator” movie.
    Can’t wait to see the RBs run amok.
    Can’t wait to see Monken be different…
    All this talent and depth and possibly no games to play. What a waste. You’ve heard the term “throw away season”, this could very well be the “lost season”.
    As a side note: I know of two young people that have tested positive for COV-ID and there symptoms were no more than like slight allergies. One of them is already over the sickness (about 5 days).
    It could be that after the virus runs its course through the colleges, many of the kids will be able to resume normal life with no worries. It’s too late for this year and I’ve quit hoping for an antivirus, but maybe next season they’ll be enough antibodies around that sports won’t be hindered.

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  5. Poor Larry

    Did he forget about Cager leaving?