Not as bad as they think.

Well, now.

Screenshot_2020-07-09 PFF College on Twitter Highest-graded SEC OLs (returning players) ➤ Kentucky - 86 5 ➤ Georgia - 80 2 [...]

Ummm… where’s Florida?

Speaking of the Gators, it occurs to me that Stoops may be engineering the same kind of season Mullen was good at assembling every few years at MSU — accumulating and developing lesser talent that stayed for four years and turned into a competitive squad because it was so experienced.  Kentucky will have good lines on both sides of the ball, which is a damned fine place to start.  There is some talent on the roster, although depth won’t match that of the big boys.

I’m not predicting the ‘Cats are on their way to the SECCG this season, but they’re gonna be a tough out.


UPDATE:  On a related note, this ain’t too shabby, either.

Screenshot_2020-07-09 PFF College on Twitter Highest-graded power-five secondaries (returning players) 1 TCU - 93 6 2 Virgi[...]


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7 responses to “Not as bad as they think.

  1. Dawg in Austin

    I’m not seeing a WR or RB on the Cats’ roster that should scare UGA but they’ll challenge the lesser SEC squads and can go bowling with Wilson and a good OL.


  2. Russ

    I just hope there’s enough season for UK to beat the Gators.

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  3. MGW

    Good for UK. That’s a recipe for a fun team to watch.

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  4. Union Jack

    I have a buddy who has been on the Mark Stoops bandwagon forever. He is convinced that Stoops is the most underrated HC in the country but has found a perfect place at Kentucky. He was surprised that Stoops wasn’t more in the mix at FSU in their last two coaching searches.

    He thinks Stoops is a good enough recruiter and talent evaluator to find SEC quality players that don’t end up at UGA, Bama, Ohio State, etc. Plus he can sell that Stoops and his staff are better at developing talent than say Louisville, UT, etc. Plus he thinks Stoops is a top quality coach so that they will always be competitive, winning 8-9, maybe 10 games a year so that UK is always in a bowl, in the division race etc.

    With that formula, Stoops could coach at UK for pretty much as long as he wants. He can be patient and wait for the right Top Tier opportunity that wants to hire substance over style.


  5. The other Doug

    Kentucky will win 8+, and one of those wins will be against UGA, UF, or UT.


  6. Scuba

    The virus is here to stay this year Mr. AD McGoffy.

    I sure hope i`m totally wrong because with this years team if not 2020 when?

    Im guessing the Power 5 teams play conference games only. This allows for a one time one ( we promise ) expanded playoff. Since the students were deprived of the normal full schedule its only fair we make extra money…..err i mean allow them a full season of games to showcase for the NFL with the new ESPN 16 team playoff. We are only doing this for the students and their families.

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