The circle turns.

Speaking of irony, how about this?

The Georgia Bulldogs have been firmly in the mix throughout the race, and Mims’ potential positional coach has helped to keep them there.

“I talk to Coach [Matt] Luke more than I talk to Coach [Kirby] Smart. We talk about football and get to know each other, too,” Mims said. “He’s a great coach, and he cares about his players. He gives everyone an opportunity.”

Luke’s track record, specifically with former Ole Miss tackle and first-round NFL Draft pick Laremy Tunsil, is weighing heavily on Mims’ mind.

“I mean, Coach Luke has had a player like me before,” Mims said. “Now, he’s the highest-paid tackle in the league, so . . .”

The connection Luke has developed with Mims since his arrival from Ole Miss has been nothing short of impressive…

Who’da thunk Georgia would go from Tunsil being a recruiting sore spot to a recruiting sales pitch?  (With Luke being the pitch man, to boot.)  What a country!


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6 responses to “The circle turns.

  1. Derek

    That was a killer recruiting loss. Just brutal.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Doesn’t hurt that we just had two OTs taken in the first round, either.

    I’ll be more shocked if Kirby loses Mims than I was about CMR losing Tunsil. There’s no such thing as a sure thing, and Kirby seems to understand that (and prepare accordingly) better than CMR ever did.


  3. 123fakest

    This was one of those recruiting stories when I nodded my head and thought there are some recruits out there getting paid big bucks!


  4. CB

    The real lesson here is the NFL doesn’t care if you take bong rips out of a gas mask. Hell, in this climate the fact that you’re even wearing a mask might replace the Wonderlic for gauging mental capacity to process basic information.