Today’s ‘rona roundup

The hits just keep on coming.

  • Ohio State has paused all voluntary workouts on campus following the results of its most recent COVID-19 testing of student-athletes, but didn’t release the number of positive tests, which sounds slightly ominous.
  • Ditto for North Carolina, although the school did say that 37 people tested positive for the virus.
  • Here’s a report that says the Big Ten appears headed to playing a 10-game, conference-games-only schedule.
  • “Everyone is pessimistic,” in regards to an on-time start to the season.


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25 responses to “Today’s ‘rona roundup

  1. StatGal

    It seems like these football teams are a peek into what is going to happen when all of campus comes back to town. It will blow up fairly quickly and the whole university will have to shut down. What is to stop that from happening nationwide? I am generally a fairly optimistic. person but I don’t see this ending well. What am I missing?


    • Nothing. Unfortunately, you are missing nothing.


    • Derek

      Willful blindness perhaps?

      I think football (without fans) is easier than k-12 and in person college classes. If that is going to be tried (almost certain to be a total catastrophuck), my reaction is why not try with football?

      We know the players will be getting far more medical attention than the rest of us and obviously they’re in pretty good health relative to the rest of us.

      I just think they need to consider a short schedule over more weeks so that testing and quarantining can be as effective as possible.

      8 games. Each 3 weeks apart.


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      Increased contact will slightly increase deaths until the virus has burned out. It won’t be a second wave exponential increase. It will be gradual.

      All this will likely happen before a vaccine.


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I don’t there will be a cfb season in 2020.
    I do think students will be on campus but classes will be moved to online classes within the first few weeks.
    Just my .02

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    • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles



    • I agree with you. Things will snowball to quickly on campuses. Even with reduced class/dorm capacity, required face masks, etc, etc.

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      • 123fakest

        If I had a kid at UGA or any other large school, I would really try to convince them to take a semester or year off. This is not the “college experience” that benefitted so many of us.
        At the very least I would ask them to move home and take online classes.


        • “At the very least I would ask them to move home and take online classes.”

          That’s a good strategy except those who live off campus in Athens practically have to sign leases for the following academic year the previous fall. There’s no way property management companies are going to let students/parents out of their leases. My junior daughter and her roommates signed their lease for the 2020-21 year in October 2019.

          For the freshmen, all of the indications up to decision day (May 1) pointed to a generally normal fall with some precautions in place. If you wanted an opportunity to get a good dormitory, you had to commit pretty much at or before the regular decision deadline (March 15).

          Unless you had a really good crystal ball, there was no way to anticipate any of this to happen.


          • W Cobb Dawg

            But how many parents are gonna send their kid to school knowing they are nearly certain to contract Covid? I think many, perhaps most, are gonna say lease be damned.

            Not to mention that once the feds cut back the pandemic payouts there could be a tsunami of renters walking away from leases. Probably not a good time to take up the landlord business.


            • My daughter wants to go back and take the appropriate precautions, and, right now, we’re letting her (she has things beyond her classes that she worked hard to earn). Pretty much all of her friends that lived in an off-campus apartment (she lived in her sorority house) have stayed in Athens. Even some that had to move out of their sorority houses picked up subleases for the remainder of the year rather than move home (we didn’t give her that choice). She hated taking classes online and specifically said she didn’t learn a single thing once classes went fully online. She’s mature for her age, and we trust her to make the best decisions (but we’ll probably have a talk before she leaves).

              My only point was that it’s not quite so easy just to take a semester or a year off especially at this point so close to the start of the year. In particular, I don’t think a college age kid wants to be home taking classes online when her friends are at school.

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    I would be curious as to the amount of people showing zero symptoms…I have read 80% plus at some schools are at zero symptoms..


  4. Will (the other one)

    Has Vegas adapted to letting us bet on if the season happens?


  5. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What what it’s Worth:
    Can you just imagine all those students, in all those dorm rooms, condo’s and apartments at all those colleges. My God a Mighty, those leases won’t be given back or broken this year.
    Inner Munson

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