All together now

Matt Hinton has been one of my favorite college football pundits for a long while, but this take…

Screenshot_2020-07-10 Matt Hinton on Twitter Today more than ever the absence of a central brain in college football only h[...]

First off, who’s he got in mind?  The NCAA, as my last post indicates, is a complete joke in the absence of any maintain the financial status quo issue.  If he had the responsibility, Mark Emmert wouldn’t know what to do with it.

But really, this take — and I saw it quite a lot yesterday from a variety of sources I respect — ignores one basic thing about college football.

Screenshot_2020-07-10 Asst to the Minister of Culture on Twitter Today is exposing the way people still think of college fo[...]

It’s not built for that. It never has been.  The main reason people think it is stems from the push from ESPN and other places to remake the sport’s passionate regional appeal into something blander, but more broadly based in a national perspective.

I’ve said it before, but unlike professional sports, college football isn’t a monolithic structure.  The P5 conferences, as yesterday’s decision by the Big Ten illustrated, are independent organizations that sometimes compete and sometimes cooperate with each other.  And their commissioners aren’t giving up their power for a sport czar.

That’s part of college football’s freakish charm, even if moments like the current one are a stress test.


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5 responses to “All together now

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    The thought has occurred to me that it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if this whole thing forced college football to regain some of its regional charm.

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  2. Brandon M

    I’d be completely fine with an SEC only schedule as long as they play. I eagerly anticipate every season, but man this one seems to have the possibility of being something really special. Primary goal in every season is the only one you can control. Win the SEC. The fact that a team who didn’t even win its own division has won the “national” championship twice in recent memory turned me off from the bullshit money grabbing beauty contest they call the CFP. Who gives a shit. I just continue to have a sinking feeling that we’re never going to get to watch this loaded team set foot on a football field.

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    • I feel ya brother.
      It’s well covered in another post but the Dawgs are set up to make the rest of the SEC howl this season. It’ll be a damn shame if Kirby doesn’t get to obliterate a few worlds with his souped up death star.


    • 123fakest

      Xactly. I just want to win the SEC Championship.


  3. Amen Senator, and very well said!