You know things are getting weird when…

this guy sounds like the brightest person in the room.

“Way too early to comment on anything,” UGA athletic director Greg McGarity told the AJC. “Have to learn more.”

He’s right, you know.  At the moment, his conference is flailing in fourteen different directions (well, 20, if you want to get technical about it).  Hell, Mizzou’s AD says the SEC is considering adding more conference games if it sheds its non-conference matchups.  While you may think that’s great from an entertainment standpoint, the underlying rationale leaves something to be desired.

Screenshot_2020-07-10 Dave Matter on Twitter Sterk says rationale for playing conference-only schedules comes down to comfo[...]

A “wider range”, eh?  Welp,

Screenshot_2020-07-10 Dayne Young on Twitter If the SEC went conference only schedule, Georgia would be cancelling a game w[...]

Like I said, Greg McGarity sounds pretty sharp right now.


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  1. Depending on where you put the measuring tape Clemson is also 70 to 75 miles away. Lol.

    Don’t but we don’t take trains or carriages to schools now they have planes.

    But if the nation gets a awakening, as you put in another post , that this isn’t the NFL that’s a good thing


  2. If you keep howling no one will listen

    Wow – you had a chance to take a shot at Greg McGarity and you did it. You’re brilliance and writing acumen know no bounds.


  3. papadawg

    I get that Dayne is primarily interested in UGA, but the framing is a little heavy-handed. If the ACC plays conference-only then we won’t be canceling a game with Tech – they will. And I assume they’ll still play Pitt? That’s pretty far. Not to mention the distance from Tallahassee to Boston! ha

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  4. MGW

    The distance thing is bull shit of course. But the fact that the SEC schools can afford and enforce far more comprehensive, uniform protocols than anyone else is a legitimate safety perk of conference only.


  5. “Way too early to comment on anything,” “Have to learn more.”….these two lines should/could be the only syllables that will escape the lips of the UGA ad concerning any issue about UGA athletics, individual sport rehabs/projects, his future with UGA athletics in general, ice cold beer or is the sky blue…..


  6. NotMyCrossToBear

    I will miss the ass whipping if we don’t play GT.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    It’s not a geography issue, its tribal. It’s whether a conference has some level of control over/with the member schools that all can adhere to. On a national level, there’s no central authority that would issue minimum standards (for cfb to address Covid) – and enforce those rules. This is exactly how things break down when a central governing authority vacates responsibility, be it ncaa or political administration.

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  8. HiAltDawg

    Good news everyone: I cashed in my bitcoins and bought the browsing histories of several members of the Illuminati off the DarkWeb (don’t tell anyone). I planned on using it to blackmail the Electoral College to make Tulsi Gabbard your President because that would be funny to me. However, the Covid comes fast in year MMXX so I leaned on several Athletic Directors and CBS/ESPN advertisers in the Southeastern Conference for info from Monday’s upcoming meeting. Here it goes (and I think many of you would have predicted this):

    Georgia will play 13 road games this year against all teams in the Southeastern Conference and self-penalize by sitting out the postseason for having the highest-ranked recruiting class last season.

    Thank you for my service

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