Looking for the rat poison antidote

Kirbs, as the grasshopper showing he’s learned his master’s lesson:

“I’m excited about the defensive unit. The biggest concern is the complacency, the have-we-arrived. They’ve gotten a lot of hype off the returners and what they did last year, which does nothing for this year,” Smart said during his interview on the ESPN College Football Podcast with David Pollack and Kevin Negandhi. “But, I’m excited about this defensive group, if they approach things the right way. I would have gotten a really good impression on that from spring.”

Smart has seen complacency take hold of a defensive unit before.

“I was part of a lot of defenses at Alabama that were coming off really good years, then came out in the spring and laid an egg,” Smart said. “I didn’t get to see that, I didn’t get to feel that psyche of that group—were they hungry or were they complacent? It’s a disease. It just creeps in if you’re not careful, so we can’t have that.”

That’s exactly why Gawd created roster depth.


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4 responses to “Looking for the rat poison antidote

  1. practicaldawg

    Exactly. No one can be complacent no matter their experience level when incoming guys like Ringo are ready to shoot you out of the saddle.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    This is going to be really tough for Kirby to figure out which game to throw to gain their attention. 😉


  3. junkyardawg41

    The knife cuts both ways. If rat poison is in the kool-aid on the defensive side, then the antidote is in the kool-aid on the offensive side. The offense has been told since early last year that they are not very good and the defense won all those games for them. At least that is what I tell myself 🙂 …


    • Uglydawg

      And on the other hand, the offensive line was lauded as the greatest of the modern era this time last summer…and they never lived up to it. They were good but not great (except at pass protection..excellent pass protection).