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Add one more to the roster.

Well, now.

Screenshot_2020-07-13 JT Daniels on Twitter Thank you to the NCAA for granting me immediate eligibility and allowing me to [...]

Georgia gets a win from the NCAA?  Alert the media!

I hope that doesn’t use up a quota, or something.


UPDATE:  This is what I call “being on the mother”.

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Bill Connelly on Twitter Georgia now loses a 2,500-yard passer from 2019 and brings in two 2,500-yard[...]


UPDATE #2:  This is spot on.

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Cole Cubelic on Twitter Why this is huge IMO; I felt like UGA was overprotective of the QB position l[...]


UPDATE #3:  You know what this means, don’t you?

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Home Twitter

Boys and girls, the media’s got itself a quarterback controversy!

Look on the bright side — at least it’ll take their minds off Florida closing the gap.


UPDATE #4:  And right on cue, like he was shot out of a gun…

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Tony Barnhart on Twitter The Georgia quarterback room just got a lot more interesting https t co xksi[...]



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Put this on your pandemic to-do list.

On my must read list:

Screenshot_2020-07-13 Attack the Day Kirby Smart and Georgia's Return to Glory Emerson, Seth, Stinchcomb, Matt 978162937723[...]

It’s the leading up to his hire part I’m really looking forward to reading.


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Life in a college town

I took a shot at exploring how a truncated college football season might impact a school’s local economy in this post, but noted at the time that it’s hard to make an authoritative calculation because some folks simply aren’t going to bars and restaurants right now, football season or no football season.

This story is largely anecdotal, but it does illustrate the point I was trying to make.  I would not like to be the small business owner forced to grapple with this dilemma:

As some colleges prepare to bring students back to campus in the fall, businesses are reimagining what their day-to-day will look like. At the same time, they are grappling with fears surrounding the risks of bringing students from all over the world back to college campuses.

We’re in a time when there are no easy choices, it seems.


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Good bye, non-con romp.

Bud Elliott speculates about which teams will be helped and which will be hurt as a result of conferences eliminating non-conference games from their members’ schedules.  The SEC doesn’t have any winners, but as far as losers go…

This analysis is not just about losing tough non-conference games off the schedule. It’s also about losing the opportunity to have an easy 4-0 in the non-conference slate. And three SEC playoff contenders fit the bill in Georgia, Florida, and Texas A&M.

Georgia was almost certainly going to go 4-0 playing against Virginia in Atlanta and against FCS ETSU, ULM, and Georgia Tech in Athens.

Florida was a virtual lock to go 4-0 outside the SEC with games against FCS Eastern Washington, South Alabama, New Mexico and at a rebuilding Florida State.

And Texas A&M had the easiest schedule outside outside its league of any playoff contender, with four home games against cupcakes in FCS Abilene Christian, North Texas, Colorado, and Fresno State.

I think that’s right.  What sucks is that of those three, Georgia is the only one losing two P5 games.

That being said, Bud is assuming an eight-game conference schedule.  If the SEC decides to expand conference play to nine or ten games, it will be interesting to see if the strength of schedule for the existing crossover games is taken into account.  If so, Florida (LSU and Ole Miss) and TAMU (South Carolina and Vanderbilt) stand to be even bigger losers than Georgia (Alabama and Auburn).


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Somebody likes him.

This al.com piece about the top up-and-coming SEC assistants under the age of 40 who aren’t already coordinators caught my eye on Twitter because the first name on the list was none other than Joe “but I decided to throw it anyway” Cox, but here’s the one that’s gonna drive some of y’all crazy:

Cortez Hankton, Georgia wide receivers coach

The son of two New Orleans police officers, the 39-year old Hankton is an ex-NFL wide receiver who joined the Georgia staff in 2018 after three seasons as the wide receivers coach at Vanderbilt (2015-17) and three as the wide receivers coach at Dartmouth (2012-14). A high-ranking NFL staff member was extremely complimentary of Hankton and said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Hankton land an offensive coordinator job in the near future.

Try to be gentle in the comments.

To be fair, I’m not ready to pass final judgment on the man based on last season.  Let’s see what develops under Monken first.  Besides, Hankton’s been killing it on the recruiting trail and you know what that means to his boss.


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The 2020 defense is an embarrassment of riches.

Again, the harshest thing an observer can bring himself to say about this year’s Georgia defense is that there’s a question about the backups at nose and safeties.

What an awful situation Kirby Smart finds himself in.


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There’s always a silver lining.

You may have heard about the plan to move the juco season to the spring.  That’s going to play havoc with recruiting, but there is one positive wrinkle to take out of it ($$).

One key benefit for FBS recruiters as the junior college football season moves to the spring: 3-for-2 recruits becoming 3-for-3 recruits. Junior college players who aren’t full qualifiers coming out of high school typically arrive at FBS programs with three years to play two seasons of eligibility. Now they’ll have three seasons in their new program.

Positive for the kids, at least.  Coaches are going to have to roster manage a little harder than before because of the extra year of eligibility.


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Get together, have a little chat

Just a reminder that Sankey and the boys are scheduled to meet today.

Obviously, with the decisions by the Big Ten and the Pac-12 and the pending decision from the ACC, the status quo train has already left the station.  Alabama and Georgia have already lost their lucrative season openers and the end of season cross-conference rivalries that teams in the SEC East play annually are toast, as well.

They could continue to kick the can down the road, I suppose, but I’m not sure to what end.  Nobody is reversing course and those cancelled games aren’t coming back.

So, do you think they read the writing on the wall and go ahead and announce a conference-only schedule for this season?  If so, how many games do they plan on playing?


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“They’re gonna bail.”

If you’re wondering to whom and what the header refers ($$)

As each day passes and the coronavirus numbers gain unwanted skyward momentum this summer, though, hope for any such achievements fade.

“If you’re Trevor Lawrence, for example, what’s the value to go back and play a year at Clemson? You know, the guy can be a first-round pick. There’s probably 10-20 guys that legitimately can forgo a season and still be a high-round guy,” the prominent agent continued. “Then there’s going to be also a big contingency of players that believe they’re a high enough caliber player but (they’re) also just afraid of getting sick or afraid of what happens to their season. … There’s literally nothing to gain (by coming back) for these top players other than, you know, the greatness of Alabama football and Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney and Clemson football. I mean, what benefit truly is (there) for you to play? There’s no benefit. All risk.”

Now, sure, some of that is agent talk, but, if these guys are to be believed, they’ve already been discussing this with some of the top prospects.

I suspect there are more than 10-20 college players who might be interested in making the jump, but the irony could be that prominent agents won’t want to carry those who aren’t obvious first round picks for a longer period.

And somebody has a sense of humor.

Of course, perhaps the schools and the NCAA surprise us all with a long-awaited plan of their own.

“Maybe they say to the players we’ll pay you to play,” an agent said. “But that’s never going to happen.”


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Just curious — Trey Hill, warts and all, is this year’s center, but, assuming this is his last season in Athens, whom do you think will succeed him for 2021?

I thought Webb was the heir apparent, but it sounds like the coaches like Van Pran there, too.


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