Just curious — Trey Hill, warts and all, is this year’s center, but, assuming this is his last season in Athens, whom do you think will succeed him for 2021?

I thought Webb was the heir apparent, but it sounds like the coaches like Van Pran there, too.


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  1. Texas Dawg

    Doesn’t Webb want to play guard anyway?

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  2. CB

    I would think Hill would be a stronger candidate to get bumped over to guard given his snap issues, and the fact that he graded out well as a guard his freshman year. As I recall he played tackle in high school anyway. Meanwhile Kirby has brought in a top 300 center in three straight classes.


    • Anonymous

      ^This. I really hope someone can beat out Hill at Center so we can move him to LG. I don’t think his snapping is bad; I don’t like his footwork and how it affects his angles on blocks when the DL stunts or shifts. I think not having to make the line calls or handle the snap will he mitigate some of that. I see too many plays that get stuffed at the line that would have been 6 yard gains with Galliard at Center.

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      • CB

        Plus a young center sandwiched between two veteran guards like Cleveland and Hill is a best case scenario if you end up going that route.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Hill, Webb, Ericson, Van Pran, Kinnie. We’ve got problems, but the Center position ain’t one of ’em.

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  4. willypmd

    Interesting the difference between our fans assessment of Hill and Cole Cubulic’s (named him the #2 OL in the SEC)

    I’m just not worried about our offensive line. We are as talented as anyone and surprisingly continuity isn’t as big of a deal as you would expect based on Bill Connely’s analysis.

    Hopefully Broderick Jones is healthy, but even without him I think we are a top 3 SEC OL


  5. 123fakest

    He’s not a center. Move to him to Guard already.

    He’s not even the #2 OL on Georgia, let alone the SEC.