Musical palate cleanser, “new-ish” edition

The boys are back.

The Rolling Stones are back with a brand new-ish song.

On Thursday, the band unveiled the rollicking “Criss Cross.” The song is one of three unheard tracks featured on the group’s upcoming reissue of 1973 album “Goats Head Soup,” out Sept. 4.

The remastered “Goats Head Soup” box set and deluxe editions will all feature 10 bonus tracks, including “Criss Cross,” the previously unheard “Scarlet,” featuring guitar by Jimmy Page, and a third newly unearthed song, “All The Rage.” All three songs were recorded more than 40 years ago, but were never officially released until now.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say “Criss Cross” is unheard.  It’s been on numerous boots available for years.  But officially, anyway, it’s new material.



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6 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, “new-ish” edition

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Stones just crush it


  2. RangerRuss

    Mm. Nice girl. I wonder if she can make a sausage biscuit.


  3. Idlewild Dawg

    How did this get left off in favor of Can You Hear the Music


    • Dawg Vegas

      Agreed – as much as I love the Mick Taylor years, GHS has never hooked me. I wonder why this was left off and others made the cut.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Kind of a definite “Pre-COVID sound.” I am not even close to the Stones years to every known vice to mankind except cold brews so wonders what kind of pack with the Devil they made to keep going this long. I bet Keef started the conversation with ya ever make any Criss Cross deals.
    The Devil told em’ keep on rocking as long as they keep hip hop under contract. The older folks needs something to remember Me and all their sins by so it’s up to you guys. “Keep Rockin”.
    Mama did say “it was the Devil’s Music.”