In Alabama, it’s always football season.

Even when it’s election season.  Massive burn attempt here:

Screenshot_2020-07-14 Kaitlan Collins on Twitter This is a 65-year-old former football coach who finished 4-8 at Cincinnati[...]


Oh, and speaking of Trump…

Screenshot_2020-07-14 Kaitlan Collins on Twitter Lou Saban “Really successful coach,” Trump said, speaking of Tuberville “B[...]

That ought to win him a few votes in Tuscaloosa.

Whoever said we get the politicians we deserve had a gift for understatement.

[Ed. note:  it bears repeating — don’t take the comment thread off track, please.  The Playpen is only a day away.]



Screenshot_2020-07-14 Jon Solomon on Twitter Imagine if you were told in 2008 after Auburn’s epic 3-2 win over Mississippi [...]

What a time to be alive, eh?


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18 responses to “In Alabama, it’s always football season.

  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    this story warms my heart all the way across the Atlantic – some things nevuh change…
    Lou Saban is Nick Saban’s long lost Czech cousin. He is a ruthless football manager for Prague FC.

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    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Lou was a fair to middling coach in his day. Just moved around more than Larry Brown.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        My grand uncle played football at Miami with “Louie” and both also went on to play for the Cleveland Browns. As head football coach, Lou put Miami back on the map. He also worked for the NY Yankees for a while. My only trip to Yankee Stadium as a teen was complements of Louie (although I despised the team, and still do).


  2. Hogbody Spradlin


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  3. Mark

    Yeah, that won’t help in the Heart of Dixie. I knew the name rang a bell so I googled it. Lou was Head coach of the original Boston Patriots, later the Bills and had several other stops. The relationship isn’t clear but he’s probably an older distant Croat cousin. Funny stuff though.


  4. The Donald conveniently forgot to mention how upset those fans in Buffalo were, when Alabama stole their coach.


  5. On my way to the Group W bench but I can’t help it:
    Good grief. If the opposition to the current oval office holder can simply keep their guy’s mouth shut they’ll walk away with it.
    “Whoever said we get the politicians we deserve had a gift for understatement.”
    WTF did we do to deserve them?


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Honestly I remembered the name but could not have more surprised at all the jobs Lou had. I mean the guys resume must be like 4 pages long. I can see where the a Trumpeter got confused with the name a bit as does Biden does with time, names and storylines. Turns out Lou managed a Miami race track for a year for Steinbrenner. That was a year before George made him president of the Yankees in 80’. So this was a time when the Breener and Trumpeter was cuttin’ the disco’s in the city. Times of I recognize your face but it was so loud in there I did not get your name.
    Seriously I don’t think I have ever seen anyone resign, fired and hired as a Lou. So if Tubbs is resourceful as The Lou he’ll have all the qualifications of a politician except for those wins against Bama.


  7. Opelikadawg

    One silver lining to being quarantined with the virus is that I have a convenient excuse to not get out today and vote for either one of those two jackasses.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Biden sees this and sneers, “What a dumbass. It’s Nick Holtz!”


  9. Anonymous

    Lou is actually Nick’s middle name. His full name is Nicholas Lou Saban Jr. Trump probably took a peak at Nick’s wikipedia page recently and remembered the wrong thing.


  10. Don in Mar-a-Lago


  11. Tuberville wins. Wow. I’d never guessed that one. I got theories why, maybe a playpen