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Ticket package

Here’s what Michigan is doing for 2020:

Screenshot_2020-07-15 Andy Staples on Twitter Michigan announces football ticket policies for the 2020 football season (if [...]

As Andy Staples explains, theyโ€™re saying that whatever season ticket situation you had planned on for 2020 will just get carried over for 2021.”ย  Given how up in the air everything is, that seems like a fairly practical approach.ย  What do you think?



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Tuberville’s greatest hits

Alabama Democrats are en fuego about the Republican nominee for the US Senate.ย  Check out some of this bitch slapping:

Screenshot_2020-07-15 (1) ๐•ค๐•ฅ๐•–๐•–๐•๐•ช ๐••๐•’๐•• on Twitter Holy SHIT https t co SlztuxewtY Twitter

You gotta love leading with the Iron Bowl.ย  That’s knowing your audience.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 (1) ๐•ค๐•ฅ๐•–๐•–๐•๐•ช ๐••๐•’๐•• on Twitter Holy SHIT https t co SlztuxewtY Twitter(1)

And that’s the stuff I thought Sessions would fling.ย  It stings.ย  And for the coup de grace…

Screenshot_2020-07-15 (1) ๐•ค๐•ฅ๐•–๐•–๐•๐•ช ๐••๐•’๐•• on Twitter Holy SHIT https t co SlztuxewtY Twitter(2)

“He also lost to Vanderbilt.”ย  Brutal.

Sounds like this could be real fun.



Screenshot_2020-07-15 Alabama Democrats on Twitter We'd tell you the most accurate recent polling we've seen has Doug tied [...]

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


UPDATE #2:ย  Er’rybody’s dunking on Tubs now.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 This is fine on Twitter While we appreciate the congrats on beating Tommy Tuberville, that Vanderbilt[...]


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If they play, here’s another thing.

This is a given from McGarity:

McGarity said that if there is a season, he expects Georgiaโ€™s test results would be a part of a “reporting mechanism,” that opposing schools would have access to before games.

“I believe thatโ€™s something the conference would need to know because if you have some teams that have spikes that may render them ineligible to play, I think that may be the reason,” he said. “If youโ€™ve got 25 young people that are in isolation, it may be hard to compete that work.”

Sure, but talk about a situation where the devil’s in the details.ย  For one thing, how would the conference enforce this?


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Today, in comedy

I don’t care who you are, if you have a sense of humor, this is funny.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 Dave Matter on Twitter Eli Drinkwitz If we play a conference-only schedule will Lou Saban or Nick Sab[...]

Especially coming from a football coach.


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Your 7.15.20 Playpen


So, you’ve been jonesing to thwack a few commenters over the head with some choice COVID stats?ย  Buddy, you’ve come to the right place to get your rocks off.ย  (I only ask that you refrain from personal insults.)

This week, my passions run in a completely different direction.


After a 24-year hiatus, the Bronco is officially back, as Ford announced (choose one, depending on when youโ€™re reading this)

  • just now.
  • yesterday.
  • a year ago today, which is July 13th 2021, when humanity has emerged from the pandemic chastened and demoralized but determined to band together in preserving itself and the planet upon which we depend for survival.

Not only is the Ford Bronco back, but itโ€™s a beefed-up off-roadinโ€™ machine meant to go just about about anywhere semi-solid land exists. Ford has managed to pack in a ton of trail-driving technology, sure, but it’s also kick-started a new inter-manufacturer rivalry on the level of the decades-long blood feud between the Mustang and Camaro. Fun!

I know.ย  It’s completely irrational.ย  I don’t do any off-road driving and the number of days a year in Atlanta when you need four-wheel drive and some road clearance can be counted on two hands.ย  But it’s bitchin’ looking and you can get a 4X4 for less than thirty thousand dollars!

Me want.ย  For one thing, this will make a badass tailgater delivery system.ย  (You gotta love this piece of standard equipment:ย  Bottle Opener (Located in cargo area).)ย  For another, the original Bronco has occupied a soft spot in my heart, so I’m predisposed to like this one.

If this gets added to the GTP Gift Guide, don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya.

And with that, the floor is yours.


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Your Daily Gator remains confident.

Today’s pearl of wisdom is short and sweet.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 Behold, This Neat-O Offensive Recruiting Factoid

I think he’s telling us there’s a chance.


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About that new quarterback competition

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled when JT Daniels’ transfer to Georgia was announced and just as thrilled at the news his waiver for this season was granted.ย  (The gnashing of teeth in certain quarters about the latter is an underrated pleasure, too.)ย  Our fan base seems pretty giddy about the possibilities, and why not?

But maybe we ought to tap on the brakes a little, first, for a couple of reasons.

To start with, Daniels’ health is a question until it’s not.ย  If there’s one thing we’re painfully familiar with over the past decade, it’s recovery time from ACL injuries.ย  And as of right now, Daniels hasn’t even been medically cleared.

… Before divulging into Daniels’ odds to take over, though, 247Sports national recruiting analyst Greg Biggins provided an in-depth update on the former USC quarterback’s health.

“He actually tore his ACL on the last play of the first half in the first game last season, and so, everything in there was torn and ripped up, (but) he’s doing good,” Biggins said on Monday’s episode of 247Sports’ Junkyard Dawgcast with Dawgs247’s Jake Rowe. “Still hasn’t been a hundred percent cleared medically yet, but he’s been out and throwing for some time now. He’s obviously out there in Athens. He’s been throwing and doing the 7 on 7. Arm feels great. Last time we mentioned on this pod, it’s something about the humidity or hand โ€” almost like a Spiderman thing โ€” saying that the ball almost sticks to your hand a little bit better. He’s actually added five to 10 yards on his deep ball.

“But they’re hoping, I think, to hear within a week โ€” maybe a week and a half โ€” if they are fully medically cleared. So he’s in the best shape they’ve had (him) in a long time. His weight is down. They recently found out that he had a milk allergy that he, honestly, didn’t even know he had. So he grew up drinking almond milk and switched over to Muscle Milk, and since they found out about this a few months ago, he’s dropped almost 15 to 20 pounds.

“So great shape, feeling good, arms feels great. Really, really good, in terms of straight-line running. Needs to continue to work on that whole lateral movement, but a long-winded way of saying I think they’re hoping to get that medical clearance, probably, within the next week or so.”

There’s a lot of happy talk there, but “(n)eeds to continue to work on that whole lateral movement” raises a red flag, and that’s even before you get to the mental recovery phase.ย  He’s not there yet.ย  The good thing is that, with another experienced quarterback on the roster, there’s no need to rush it.

Besides the knee, there’s another issue that also should resonate with us.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 SEC StatCat on Twitter In a sample against 2018 Stanford (43), Utah (19), Cal (13) and Notre Dame (10[...]

Daniels had a lot of surrounding talent when he was the starter at USC, but his position coach left something to be desired.ย  Sound familiar?ย  He may be a very good fit for what Monken likes to do offensively, but he is in the same boat as Newman with regard to being coached up and he’s been in Athens for a much shorter time than has Newman.

Obviously, there are way too many variables in play to predict how the competition between the two goes, but the idea that Daniels is walking in ready to take the reins probably ought to be served with a grain of salt.


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CFN’s 2020 preseason AP college football rankings predictions…

… can be found here.ย  Seven SEC teams are included, with four of them in the top seven.

Speaking of them, I kind of raised an eyebrow over Tennessee checking in at number twenty-four.ย  Ah, the magic of November.ย  On the other hand, I give CFN credit for not overreacting to LSU’s losses.ย  That is still a very talented squad.

What do y’all think?


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“But itโ€™s not all as dark as is being portrayed.”

McGarity tells Chip Towers the medical data on the coronavirus isn’t as bleak as we think, and that’s why he still holds out hope for this:

Meanwhile, McGarity emphasized that the SEC hasnโ€™t closed the door completely on an on-time start for a full season of play.

โ€œI think itโ€™s still possible, but these next 17, 18 days are really critical,โ€ McGarity said. โ€œWe just need some positive signs.โ€

I’ll say it again — I don’t know what they could see over the next three weeks that would be convincing enough to play a full schedule, but maybe that’s just me.

Way more interesting from that discussion is something that McGarity sounds a lot firmer about:ย  playing cross-conference rivalries.

… Georgia is among the SEC schools lobbying to keep its traditional, in-state rivalry intact this year. Itโ€™s a scenario the Yellow Jackets are on board with as well.

โ€œIโ€™ve talked to (Tech athletic director) Todd (Stansbury), and he definitely wants to play it,โ€ Georgia AD Greg McGarity said Monday night as he drove back to Athens from Birmingham. โ€œSo does FSU and Florida, Clemson and South Carolina and Kentucky and Louisville. The importance of those intrastate rival games was brought up, and youโ€™re talking about travel within the state. So proximity was a key part of that as well.โ€

I think he makes a strong point about travel this season.ย  Which is safer for a Georgia player, a home game against an opponent 70 miles away by bus, or a long flight to play Arkansas?


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Roll Tahd!


Screenshot_2020-07-15 Jason Isbell on Twitter Alabama fans, now is your chance for revenge Twitter


Screenshot_2020-07-15 Jared Lovering ๐Ÿ˜ท on Twitter EmilyMi86620303 JasonIsbell Doug Jones should have legally changed his n[...]

It’ll never happen, but I wonder what effect it would have on the general election vote if Saban came out and endorsed Jones.ย  Or, just for yuks, on Tubs’ campaign, for that matter.


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