“But it’s not all as dark as is being portrayed.”

McGarity tells Chip Towers the medical data on the coronavirus isn’t as bleak as we think, and that’s why he still holds out hope for this:

Meanwhile, McGarity emphasized that the SEC hasn’t closed the door completely on an on-time start for a full season of play.

“I think it’s still possible, but these next 17, 18 days are really critical,” McGarity said. “We just need some positive signs.”

I’ll say it again — I don’t know what they could see over the next three weeks that would be convincing enough to play a full schedule, but maybe that’s just me.

Way more interesting from that discussion is something that McGarity sounds a lot firmer about:  playing cross-conference rivalries.

… Georgia is among the SEC schools lobbying to keep its traditional, in-state rivalry intact this year. It’s a scenario the Yellow Jackets are on board with as well.

“I’ve talked to (Tech athletic director) Todd (Stansbury), and he definitely wants to play it,” Georgia AD Greg McGarity said Monday night as he drove back to Athens from Birmingham. “So does FSU and Florida, Clemson and South Carolina and Kentucky and Louisville. The importance of those intrastate rival games was brought up, and you’re talking about travel within the state. So proximity was a key part of that as well.”

I think he makes a strong point about travel this season.  Which is safer for a Georgia player, a home game against an opponent 70 miles away by bus, or a long flight to play Arkansas?


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I use Worldometers.info. The daily numbers on those bar graphs would have to fall off a cliff to justify starting on time. July 31 is just the “Fail Safe” point. You’re on target but probably a little ahead of the curve shifting the discussion to the modified season options.

    Also: riding the bus to play Tech? The Dawgs ridin’ the dog!


    • COVID stats are for the Playpen, mate.


      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Meh. Maybe a little leakage, but it was in service of the point about July 31. Cut me a little slack here. 😉


      • Brandon M

        “I’ll say it again — I don’t know what they could see over the next three weeks that would be convincing enough to play a full schedule, but maybe that’s just me.”

        How are COVID stats not directly related to this post? If you want discussion about COVID to go away or at least to the playpen, a good start might be not posting articles directly related COVID. BTW good luck with that.


        • Gee, which COVID stats are you referring to? Because all I’ve seen for the past two months are people dueling with each other over the ones they find most supportive of their position.

          Tell you what — if you can’t respond to a COVID post of mine without starting a stats battle, maybe you should just put the keyboard down and go on to another post.


          • Brandon M

            You’re the boss! I get it. Just didn’t see anything in Hogbody’s post that was argumentative or looking to start a shitfest. Carry on.


    • Jim

      I’m hoping if we have to modify the schedule that the sec and the ACC agree to play their games against each other.


  2. mddawg

    If they’re going to play any games at all, the in-state rivalries would make the most sense to me. At least then you’re not worrying about the variances between one state’s protocols compared to another’s, or whether this state or that state has cases increasing or decreasing.

    I would hope that the guys who are paid big bucks to run these things have thought of a bunch of contingencies, up to and including playing entirely in-state schedules where possible. UGA could play Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern, Mercer, and Georgia State. Obviously that doesn’t do anything for conference play, and the quality of games wouldn’t blow anyone away, but it might beat no football at all. Unfortunately not all SEC schools have the same number of in-state options.


  3. MGW

    Perhaps we could have a truly regional sport for a season?


    • Russ

      Agreed. I’d love to play Tech and the teams in the next states. Tech, Clemson, Sackerlina, Florida, Auburn, Bama, Tennessee, Vandy aaaaand….Kentucky? Ole Miss? Miss St?


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    “a home game against an opponent 70 miles away…”

    Yes, it is still a home game at historic Mark Richt Field even when no fans can attend.


  5. Starbreaker

    I would really, really love to see football this fall, but I am just having a hard time seeing it happen. I’m glad I like international soccer, because at least it’s something I can watch and care about…I just feel like even IF we start a season despite the pandemic, it would only be a matter of time before teams (either NCAA or NFL) are ravaged by illness and unable to field a team if just one member comes down with it and it spreads like wildfire. If you could keep them in a bubble, sure, but that’s not going to happen and football teams have so many moving parts. I think Dallas FC in the MLS tourney is a good example of how this could blow up quickly and basically wipe out a whole team from playing.


  6. Not really a long flight to Arkansas. And hell, it’s taken me over 2 hrs driving aggressive as possible to make the drive on a normal day (I’m from midtown, right there by tech)


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    You can’t get any more regional than Clem and his Son. Because of the high archly between to two rather door to door contestants has become a BIG MONEY, rather than years past where IT was a every yearTHING. This has become a spectacle game of which top $$$$ are needed to attend. Plus a loss for either the Tigers or Dogs don’t look so good for a playoff scheme. So let’s do Ga.State, East Tennessee, ULM and Georgia Southern. Everybody has a plan as long as it ends with $$$$.


  8. jt10mc (the other one)

    So someone needs to tell me the difference in the Nerds traveling to Athens and lets say TAMU traveling to Athens…outside of being in a different conference…