If they play, here’s another thing.

This is a given from McGarity:

McGarity said that if there is a season, he expects Georgia’s test results would be a part of a “reporting mechanism,” that opposing schools would have access to before games.

“I believe that’s something the conference would need to know because if you have some teams that have spikes that may render them ineligible to play, I think that may be the reason,” he said. “If you’ve got 25 young people that are in isolation, it may be hard to compete that work.”

Sure, but talk about a situation where the devil’s in the details.  For one thing, how would the conference enforce this?


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2 responses to “If they play, here’s another thing.

  1. Voluntary reporting? Honor system? Short of the SEC having dedicated full time staff who can do all the administrative reporting work at each school AND providing full-time nursing staff at each school to perform the testing procedures, that’s all you have.

    How many weeks do they have to pull all this together, again? Ha.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    The SEC will once again accept the Auburn proposal. Each team tests the other, and in surprising news, Auburn finds that the top players for the opposing team always test positive while the test results for the Auburn players can not be determined due to the records being missing…every….time.