Roll Tahd!


Screenshot_2020-07-15 Jason Isbell on Twitter Alabama fans, now is your chance for revenge Twitter


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It’ll never happen, but I wonder what effect it would have on the general election vote if Saban came out and endorsed Jones.  Or, just for yuks, on Tubs’ campaign, for that matter.


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11 responses to “Roll Tahd!

  1. SpellDawg

    Is there an SEC fan who doesn’t know what Tubs is all about by this point? He dodged Sessions, but I expect he’ll have to debate Jones at least once, must see TV if you ask me. Not looking forward to Tubs drawling monotone, but I’ll pay that price.


  2. Muttley

    Tommy of the T’Ubervilles’ speaking voice is a ringer for ol’ cowboy Rex Allen, who narrated Disney films like “The Incredible Journey”. I’m always waiting for Of the T’Ubervilles to tell us that poor ol’ Bodger was just too old.



    I hope Tubs wins…for the Country’s sake.

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  4. 123fakest

    Jason Isbell sucks.
    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people like his music.


    • jtp03

      He’s one of the best songwriters and performers of our generation. Cover Me Up is one of my top 10 songs ever written.


      • 123fakest

        I just gave it a listen. Still don’t care for it. Still think it’s drivel and my God, booooooooooring.

        To each his own, I guess.


  5. Morris Day

    Just imagine Fish Fry is the nominee for Senator in “your” political party in your state….