Your Daily Gator remains confident.

Today’s pearl of wisdom is short and sweet.

Screenshot_2020-07-15 Behold, This Neat-O Offensive Recruiting Factoid

I think he’s telling us there’s a chance.


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35 responses to “Your Daily Gator remains confident.

  1. JC

    He can, he just hasn’t. Very merciful of Dan, that way.

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  2. RangerRuss

    If The Portal Master ever beats CKS it’ll have to be with three stars as that’s all he can entice to that shithole they call a swamp.

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    • Of all the readers here, Russ, yours may be the easiest button to push. 😉


      • Senator…he has high self esteem and standard of living, when FU is thrown into the conversation, it throws his world out of balance…hence the disgust for hogtown rises to the point of disbelief for life existing at that level of dispair….#FTMF


      • FlyingPeakDawg

        RR stands for God, Family, Country, UGA and hating Florida. That man is squared away.

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      • RangerRuss

        Yeah man, it’s personal. All those sympathy cards, gloating late night phone messages and sophomoric insults were hard to take and unforgettable. I don’t reciprocate except in the most subtle fashion as I inherited some class from my grandmother. I appreciate GTP allowing me to blow off hate and vent my true feelings somewhat anonymously. Payback is a smooth, cold bitch.
        CKS said it best,
        Fuck those motherfuckers!

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        I dunno, Bluto. Stranger could give him a run for it!


  3. Timphd

    “5 stars don’t practice or try hard because they think they are better. Give me a 2 star ( JJ Watt was a 2 star) or 3 star that wants to be a Gator all day over some Diva 5 star”.
    Gawd I hope they keep believing that!!!

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    • They are entering “5 star hearts” territory. I imagine Spurrier and Meyer are rolling their eyes at the absolute failure of Dopey’s in-state recruiting.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      I’ve never heard of an OL “diva” but maybe I just haven’t been paying attention


    • Will (the other one)

      They reached the point we were at when any non-4/5 star was going to be just Thomas Davis (only they haven’t had any equivalent Thomas Davis)


    • Ricky McDurden

      Ah, yes. Remember the days of “gimme the guy that wants to be a Dawg over some high ranked out of state kid.” If you don’t, try re watching some of the games from the 06-15 portion of CMR’s tenure and try to compare what you see on the field then versus what we have watched the past 3 years. Even the 2012 team seemed to be getting by on fumes and fairy dust compared to the talent Kirby has put on the field. “Fumes, Fairy Dust, & Florida Football” can be the title of the book recounting Dan’s tenure as Florida HC if they want.

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  4. Bless their little tank top, jorts and black Reebok-wearing hearts.

    I can’t wait to see the collective freak-out when the revised schedule gets announced that Bama is going to come rolling into Hogtown.


  5. 81Dog

    Any word on when the Daily Gator announces the Handbags as the 2020 Champions of Life®?


  6. Ran A

    It’s comical – it really is. This is going to be the most let down fan base by the end of the year. Their expectations are so high, if Mullen loses three games during the regular seaso – they’ll demand a new coach – and that is a very achievable possibility.

    I don’t think they will be LSU or Georgia and believe that Kentucky or UT or both may get them this year. This team is not as good as they think they are.

    And still can’t get pass the fact that Mullen has yet to put 20 points up on Georgia, but somehow he’s the better coach? The only reason they got back in the game last year is because Kirby went into a prevent.


    • Dawg1

      True. Up and down the UT roster, there are excellent, but still slightly hidden gems like Wanya Morris or Crouch, etc. I like their roster. Pruitt has enough talent there to sting a few teams — like he did Auburn last year.

      UF just might be the one Pruitt gets this year.


  7. NotMyCrossToBear

    Damn they are like a broken record in Gainesville.


  8. stoopnagle

    How many of Mullen’s quarterbacks are currently on NFL rosters? Imma hang up and lissin.


  9. Ugh. The potential loss of a chance to demolish Florida this year is becoming my greatest source of grief when considering the fact we may play zero games.

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  10. Austin

    It’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it play out for him.


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)



  12. Charlottedawg

    When did Florida turn into Tech? I hope Dan stays forever in Gainesville, just like I felt about fish fry.

    Also FTMF, today, tomorrow, and forever

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  13. Dawg19

    I think ee is on to something above.

    They aren’t becoming us.

    They are becoming Tennessee.

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  14. Texas Dawg

    Why did COVID have to happen? Even if we don’t play another game all year long, we need the game with the handbags. We can not let this defense go to waste. The pleasure of seeing them strangle the living shit out of the florida (they don’t deserve a capital) offense would be a true pleasure. With all the big talk out of gainesville (once again not deserving of a capital) they are so ripe for having their hearts ripped out. If the season does not happen, they will continue to chirp and strut pointing to winning the rigged video game. They will award themselves the SEC east, SEC, and NC crowns. They will probably raise a 2020 NC banner at the start of the ’21 season based on what they perceive should have been since they had the “Heisman winning QB” if they had been allowed to play. After all, he had the greatest coach in the history of coaching at the helm.


  15. When I began to not be supportive of mark richt it started with recruiting depth and roster depth and roster management. Particularly getting in the trenches. The initial response from Georgia fans always seem to be that our players cared more and work harder and mark richt was a better man and a better coach. And then thanks to the Internet’s, and I believe Bud Elliot was an early recognizable name, a lot of data came out showing the connection between blue chip ratio and winning ratio and championship ratio. And it was undisputable clear cut hard factual statistical data and analysis. evidence show that of course having a stocked roster doesn’t guarantee you win a national championship, But Cinderella stories and 3 star players with 5 star hearts winning one was quite quite the rarity. Ultimately you need the Jimmies and Joes and you need competent capable coaches. Great coaching can help you overcome some hurdles, But ultimately it’s limiting. If my guy can ragdoll you, even though you’ve got this great coach, but my guy is a tremendously better athlete it simply doesn’t matter

    Florida fans sound exactly like fans that realize the limitations on their roster and perhaps ceiling on their coach and are grasping for some hope. Mullen is a good coach and Florida is a decent team and they will win lots of games. But championships and domination is a dream right now where their reache is far beyond their grasp. Teams like that have 10 win seasons and can upset someone and can play a major factor. But then get embarrassed against someone that’s highly motivated or more physical or more complete.

    And it sounds exactly like something we’ve been through before. Because like it or not, the depth on that roster, and the management of that roster, and the completeness! of that roster is the foundation of stone. Just look at how Kirby is able to rebound on the line after the draft this year.


  16. SCDawg

    Yeah maybe….but can he beat Lou Saban with only 3 stars???