Save them, college athletes. You’re their only hope.

As if the unpaid help doesn’t have enough on their plate…

Screenshot_2020-07-16 Paul Finebaum on Twitter We need heroes right now We need heroes through sports We're missing that Bu[...]

Pretty sure I know whom he refers to when he says “we”.


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13 responses to “Save them, college athletes. You’re their only hope.

  1. So tired of American Hero culture. We underpay the shit out of everyone then call them heroes to make it seem better.


    • You seem to have a lot of personal issues here. I don’t know what American hero culture is or what you’re talking about. Thats a thing? Sounds like itd be a good thing. Why is it hurting you so deeply some people admire and respect others? Who is “we” and who is “everyone”? And how is anything being forced on you?


    • Yep, a wise friend of mine said “when they call you a hero, it means they are not paying you enough”


      • Yeah that’s just fundamentally an absolutely not true. It doesn’t even make any sense. It’s illogical. You need wiser friends. hero: “A person who is idolized or admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities.” That can lots of people in lots of stations, has nothing to do with money. A could be just a simple as someone that is your father/mother or your brother/sister or your son/daughter even. Furthermore, not all positions that may be deemed “heroic” are fully comprised of heroes.

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        • Sure I get it. All comes down to the definition of Hero. When I see nurses, school teachers and soldiers being hailed as heroes, I often feel they are underpaid. That is all.


  2. I need a hero
    I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
    He’s gotta be strong
    And he’s gotta be fast
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight

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  3. josh hancher

    There is no better example of how we get through this than college athletics.

    They are following strict safety guidelines and a lot of programs are reporting no cases.

    What more do we need to see as a country than that.

    Wearing masks. Social distancing. Proper hygiene. Quarantining WORKS.

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    • Russ

      Well, it’s true that many programs aren’t reporting any cases. At least for the next 90 days (or whenever the FOIA requests start rolling in).


    • mp

      But with the rest of the student body not back yet…


      • josh hancher

        Yes. This only works if the rest of student body, communities, states, country does the same. My point is that the safety guidelines work and can stop the spread.

        Two weeks of legitimate effort and we would significantly/all but end the spread.


  4. ATL Dawg

    “We need to get as much money rolling in as possible because we have a lot of salaries dependent on this business model.

    Oh yeah…and heroes through sports, safety, society, etc.”


  5. David H.

    Maybe they can’t do this because of legalities that go beyond the “NCAA amateur model” but it would smooth things out if the colleges could offer football players some hazard pay for this season. Even a nominal amount, like on the order of the cost-of-attendance stipends they get, might help with the optics of having college players take on this “hero role”.


  6. josh hancher

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