Your Daily Gator has proof.

This ought to stir the pot today.

It’s incredibly frustrating (as a Florida fan) to know that all the numbers point towards having a better on-field coach but getting your butt kicked repeatedly on the recruiting trail. But I’d be equally frustrated as a Georgia fan watching Smart blow the immense talent advantage he has against teams Georgia has no business losing to.

Well, except for one team.

None of this takes away the fact that Georgia has now won three straight against Florida, two against Mullen. It turns out, Smart’s teams are able to flex their muscles against teams with slightly less talent than them.


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  1. Jim

    “all the numbers point towards having a better on-field coach”

    ALL the numbers except for that pesky one that measures the outcomes of the actual head to head games…

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    • gastr1

      But even so, who are these teams “Georgia has no business losing to” that they’re losing to? That one game against South Carolina last year? Give me a break. Smart has a long way to go in that area before he’s in Richt territory, IMO.


    • SouthernYank

      Exactly. “Our coach who doesn’t beat your coach is better than your coach”. LOL


  2. Does this bunch of idiots realize recruiting is part of coaching? A CEO who is a great strategy or operations person but sucks at talent gets his/her @$$ kicked every time by the CEO who has a great team who will run through a brick wall even though the strategy or process may not be exactly right. Kirby has had his choice of assistants to work for him. Blue chips are practically beating down the door for one of the 25 available scholarship slots. His players seem to love playing for him (remember when everyone got on him for allowing recruits and players to call him Kirby).

    Kirby is entering only his 5th year of being a head coach as opposed to Dopey. Kirby has been on the doorstep of a national title. Dopey hasn’t even sniffed a division title in his years of being a head coach.

    I’ll take the guy who is in Athens over that doofus in Hogtown every day of the week.

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    • RangerRuss

      There you go again, double e. Making sense. To get in that deluded gaturd mind set you have to start out at 0400 dosing orange and blue microdot washed down with mezcal. Then you slither out at BMNT into the dairy pasture and graze on fresh psilocybin mushrooms until the sun rises. Next you lay on your back whilst the heat and and Florida sunshine bakes the cow shit on your belly to a crispy crust that you peel off and eat like tater chips. You munch on that and shotgun Bud Light for lunch. About 1400 hrs it’s time for your Evan Williams enema and that proprietary blend of meth, crack and Gainesville Green smoked out of a discarded lead U bend caked with enough crusty crap to enhance the flavor you crave.
      As you lie there with a toilet pipe clenched between those baked beans you call teeth and a tube draining the last drops of Kentucky’s worst in that sewer hole of an anus and you’re staring unblinking into the evening sun you begin to see the genius of The Portal Master and how all the numbers point towards him being a better on field coach than CKS.
      That’s the only way it makes sense.


  3. How is FSU a #5 and #6 top talent team? I’m sure someone here with a desktop will get into the numbers.

    How can Kirby smart put 3 stars in the NFL when we don’t have 3 stars? I kind of found that funny. Some good cherry picking going on there.

    And after all that data digging, The conclusion ended up wrong: “break in new QB” no, hes not new, again. “QB controverst with JT” there is? Do they know that? “Amongst Covid” bc Kirby is the only coach that has too.

    Too bad he forgot we missed spring practice.


  4. stoopnagle

    “…watching Smart blow the immense talent advantage he has against teams Georgia has no business losing to…”

    One game? Yes, that was frustrating.

    (I’m not going to count 2016. We’ve lost to Bama twice, LSU twice, and Auburn. Hardly teams over which we have an “immense talent advantage.”)

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    • Rival

      And Texas. But, yes, all CFB blue bloods except for South Cackalacka.

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      • Numbers don’t create misrepresentation…ass wipes do…true CKS is on the dark side when playing for the title(s), ‘cept the barners…CKS in UGA final rankings, UGA winning %, UGA conference records, nfl drafting, UGA ‘crootin’…tell the truth…#FTMF

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  5. RangerRuss

    I’m off to see a different lizard.


  6. Ran A

    Too Easy…
    Took Dabo 6 years to win a Natty…
    Saban? 10 years

    Kirby is on or ahead of schedule, while both of those programs are still at the top.

    Mullen? He is 0-3 against Kirby. Florida is 1-3 against Kirby.

    Mullen is a middle of the road recruiter and a good coach – not a great coach. Kirby is an exceptional recruiter, where his coaching has improved every year. And Kirby learns. His off season firing and hiring tells you that. (I get this plays out on the field). Frankly, I haven’t seen anything that Mullen has done against Georgia that shows he is the better coach.

    How is it that Kirby has been lit up for starting Fromm over Fields, but Mullen gets a pass for starting Franks over Trask. If Franks doesn’t get injured at Kentucky? How many losses are piled up last year.

    I’ll take Kirby over Mullen everyday…

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    • Yep. Trask is a heisman candidate but is only playing because Frank’s got hurt.


      • Will (the other one)

        It’s not too likely because of the lack of talent around him, but I will laugh and laugh if Franks puts up better #s than Trask (Kendall Briles’s offenses did put up better numbers than Mullen’s offenses 2 of the last 3 years.)


  7. I like this claim that the author makes in the comments:

    “Kirby’s losing against teams he should win. Full stop. Saban doesn’t lose those games, and Mullen doesn’t lose those games either.”

    The numbers clearly support this: Mullen has won 83.3% of his games — 25 of 30 — versus less talented teams. Kirby sucks, though, so he’s only won….81.5% of those games — 44 of 54.

    That’s as clear as mud.

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  8. siskey

    Even I as an apologist for Georgia’s troubles and inability to beat Florida during the past 20 years did not think at any time that Goff, Donnan, or Richt were better coaches than Spurrier or Meyer. I was much more frustrated by the losses to Zook and Muschamp than I was when they were superior coaches leading comparable or maybe slightly better Florida teams against us. The fucking internet allows anybody to say anything and this guy certainly takes advantage of that.

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  9. Tronan

    Yes, “all the numbers.” The imaginary ones Donald Duck discovered in “Mathmagic Land.”

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  10. Sanford222view

    Two things in is data popped out at me. He ignored Georgia’s win over Oklahoma and three of the four losses to teams outside the Top 10 he harps on were during Smart’s first season and when Georgia was unranked or barely ranked in the Top 25 if I remember correctly. He also had different data sets in one of his comparisons. He noted he used recruiting data going back to 2011, I believe, for teams but obviously could only use back to 2016 for Smart when calculating his performance against talent metrics.

    He can create all the data he wants. The only data point Kirby needs against Mullen is wins. Also, recruiting is part of coaching and Kirby is better at that piece of it than others. So what? There is more than one way to skin a cat and overall, Kirby seems to be able to skin the cat better than Mullen with no losses to him and more conference titles and division titles than Mullen with fewer years as a head coach.

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  11. practicaldawg

    His argument boils down to “I hate UGA and hate life because we can’t beat them, but they still suck because they haven’t won 100% of their games.”

    Frustration pieces are frustrating.

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  12. The other Doug

    ” It turns out, Smart’s teams are able to flex their muscles against teams with slightly less talent than them.”

    SLIGHTLY less talent?


  13. Derek

    Since there have been nearly as many (more?) bad coaching moves on game day as good, I won’t defend Kirby and say he’s better than Mullen as a game day head coach. But I still have no idea where the Mullen is a great head coach idea comes from.

    If you want to compare and contrast their supposed specialties: qb play/offensive football vs. DB play/defensive football it would be hard not to concede that Kirby is the better, more accomplished coach.

    Overall, I’d say acumen is about even and Kirby gets much better players so that’s why he’ll be 5-0 vs Mullen soon, if we play.

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  14. Charlottedawg

    So tldr, Dan Mullen should get credit for the handicap of having less talented players and Kirby really isn’t that great of a coach since he coasts on having better players. If I were Mullen I’d have a come to Jesus moment with my general manager about why my roster sucks, I mean who’s in charge of getting talented players and convincing them to come play for your team anyways????? Oh wait….

    Also love the retarded argument that Kirby is a worse coach because his losses are to teams that aren’t as talented. That’s probably true, you know who that’s also probably true for? Guys like Saban, Meyer and Peter Carroll….
    Because…..wait for it, they usually had better players because that’s what it takes to win games and championships!!!!!

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    • What passes for rational thought in Hogtown is head-scratching.

      Shouldn’t a great coach beat teams that on paper he shouldn’t beat? If you look at Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master’s record against ranked opponents over his career, it ain’t very good. MuLLLet has run his record up on SEC bottom feeders, a bunch of OOC patsies, and bowl games against brand names that weren’t interested.

      2009 – 1-4 vs. ranked opponents
      2010 – 1-3
      2011 – 0-4
      2012 – 0-4
      2013 – 1-4
      2014 – 3-3
      2015 – 0-4
      2016 – 1-2
      2017 – 1-3
      2018 – 3-1
      2019 – 1-2

      Overall record vs. ranked opponents (at the time they played) – 12-34

      That doesn’t look like a guy who can take his and beat yours and then take yours and beat his.

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      • Derek

        If you look at where those ranked teams finished, its worse.

        Most of those wins were versus overrated teams early in the season and they did not end up ranked. I think MSU beat 2 teams that finished the season ranked while he was there.


        • No doubt … I didn’t want to look around for that cut of the data. If you have that easily, I would love to see it. Winning just 1 of every 4 games against opponents ranked at the time of the game is lousy.

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          • Derek

            The visit to athens in 2017 was as big an indictment on mullen as any. They didn’t even get off the bus after beating lsu and a full week of espn love.

            That doesn’t happen to great coaches in their 9th year on the job.

            Then they got thrashed again the next week. 13 points scored over two weeks. They gave up 80.

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          • Here it is based on final ranking. I’d argue this is better data if you want to consider a coach’s performance against good competition.

            2016: 0-3
            2017: 1-3
            2018: 2-1
            2019: 1-2
            TOTAL: 4-9 (.308)
            TOTAL SINCE 2018: 3-3 (.500)

            2016: 1-2
            2017: 4-2
            2018: 2-3
            2019: 4-1
            TOTAL: 11-8 (.579)
            TOTAL SINCE 2018: 6-4 (.600)


            • Thanks for that … my idea still stands. MuLLLet has made his head coaching career by beating up OOC cupcakes (although he has lost to South Alabama and Houston) and unranked SEC opponents. He’s WAYYYYYY overrated as a head coach.


      • Charlottedawg

        Just to clarify my position, assuming a coach is coaching at a major program with big boy resources, he should be evaluated soley based on wins and championships, no extra credit for “beating teams on paper that you shouldn’t”. Reason being is as a college coach you control the entire “production process” for assembling your team. You as the coach are responsible for identifying, evaluating, recruiting, developing and scheming for talent, over a large sample size of games if you’re not winning then somewhere in that process your opponents are doing a better job than you. It takes great players to win games but great coaches are great coaches precisely because they get and develop great players not the other way around. Therefore a great coach isn’t someone who can “take his and beat yours and take yours and beat his” he’s a guy that just beats you with his because his guys are better than yours via recruiting and development. It’s also why on a macro level recruiting is really really important and literally no coach has ever won a national championship without elite talent. “Beating teams you shouldn’t” is basically a different way of saying “relying on scheme to overcome recruiting and development shortfalls” which is why no coach at most sec programs should get credit for that. You get credit for wins, period.

        Also on a separate but related subject, all great coaches will have a good record against top 25 and top 5 competition, but that’s just a function of math since to win a conference or national championship, you will have to beat top 5 teams. it’s why dabo has a great record against top 5 teams even though he plays in the weaker ACC. So if you don’t have a bunch of wins against top teams and you haven’t won a championship (looking at you Mr Mullen), you’re not a great coach!!!!!!

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      • siskey

        What that Tech team did to them in 2014 is what I always come back to re Mullen. That was a good Tech team but Miss State had been #1 earlier in the year and Tech beat the hell out of them even though the score was somewhat close. I hope Mullen wins just enough to stick around or he doesn’t and Florida finds their Dubose or Goff.

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  15. Jdawg108

    Here’s the thing. Kirby’s been a HC for 4 years. Mullen for 11. There’s a learning curve.

    Kirby found himself in a NC his second year and 3 consecutive sec champs. And choked a bit against his former employer. Stakes were higher.

    If he continues to do that, fine. But the guy has been in higher pressure situations, especially coming after a much loved successful coach.



  16. Busta

    Mullen not only lost to tech, but he also lost to uK (should’ve lost twice in a row) in which no other fU coach has done in over 30yrs. We all know the Wildcats aren’t as talented as dem gata…great job MuLLLen.

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