Do the right thing.

Screenshot_2020-07-17 Southeastern Conference on Twitter NEWS SEC student-athletes who elect to not participate in intercol[...]

Good on ’em for that, although it never occurred to me they might take any other stance.



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8 responses to “Do the right thing.

  1. DC Weez

    But will their scholarships count toward the 85 scholarship limitation?


    • Otto

      and will it count against their years of eligibility?

      Will the 85 scholarship limit be expanded if the season doesn’t happen or to allow kids who opted out of the 2020 season come back?


  2. Charles Alford

    Of course some lesser players who would probably redshirt may suddenly fear the Covid – 19 and snd express a desire not to play while leaving a full 85 scholarship players still available for play. This crossed my mind the minute I read it.


  3. WHB209

    The 85 number will stay the same. The number was lowered to 85 to save money ans schools are very good at saving money


    • Otto

      It wasn’t lowered to 85 to save money, it was lowered to create parity. Further it should be moved back to 95.


      • 92 Grad

        I would propose that there be no exact number, just a minimum of 85 active players. If we happen to have 12 scholarship players that opt out this season, the team would be allowed to carry 97 but only 85 are eligible to play.

        Also, if players that test positive during the season are required to sit out a game, we should be able to award another scholarship to a player so that we would always carry 85 active, then we would have 98 scholarship in total.