Your Magill dollars at work

It’s the little touches that count.

Smart recently praised Newman for his leadership, athleticism and ability. More telling, Smart chose Newman to speak on a Zoom presentation for boosters, another stamp of approval.

I’m not sure if the stamp of approval was meant for Newman or the boosters.



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17 responses to “Your Magill dollars at work

  1. 81Dog

    So, what did Newman have to say? Quit holding out, or did Kirby make everyone sign a non-disclosure agreement? 🙂


  2. ATL Dawg

    When is the Zoom presentation to outline the ticket refund process?


  3. Sweet D

    So you’re saying Newman has value off the football field? Boosters, you say.


  4. Jim

    It was great. Newman shared a lot of info I can’t get into about Monken’s philosophy and new passing concepts. Sounds like they really plan to push the ball down the field, throw across the middle and use the tight ends more. And Jakes Cook

    Hope Kirby doesn’t shut me off for sharing that

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    • This makes me happy.

      Thanks for sharing. I won’t tell Kirby. 😉


      • Jim

        Newman also said he will have the green light to keep it on his read options at least once per game

        I hope you know I’m kidding about all of this. I’d never share what I hear on the Magill Society or see at practice on an Internet forum…


    • Rival

      Did he share that offseason workouts were the best he’d ever seen? And that everyone is looking stronger and faster? Boy, that’d be news.

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      • Normaltown Mike

        look, there’s talk around town that the seniors have really “stepped up” in off season voluntary workouts and there are some “vocal leaders” making sure to hold people accontable.

        I’m also hearing the Tight Ends are going to make a big impact this season…

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      • practicaldawg

        He focused more on tips for getting better shirtless Instagram photos.

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      • Will (the other one)

        Next you’ll tell me they’re “setting records” in the weight room (which was only ever true when Ben Watson was there.)


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Rumor has it they talked about a new play using Cook as the lone back on third and long.

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  6. UGA '97

    Name- Newman. Image- Zoom. Likeness- Booster $.