PFF sez, “QB controversy? Wut QB controversy?”

These guys have been in Jamie Newman’s corner since the day he transferred, so this probably isn’t that surprising on one level.

To me, it reinforces how shitty Southern Cal’s coaching must have been during Daniels’ freshman season.  Surrounded by talent that Newman could only dream of at Wake, and so little to show for it.

Monken the position coach has got as much work cut out for him as Monken the OC.


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4 responses to “PFF sez, “QB controversy? Wut QB controversy?”

  1. Dawg1

    In all fairness, he was essentially a high school senior in 2018.


    • Very true … Daniels was thrown in the deep end of the pool at USC and swam as well as he could. He was playing well in 2019 before the injury happened.

      The best solution would be for Newman to play well this year while Daniels fully recovers. JT serves as a 1 or 2 year bridge to one of the young guys.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Newman runs out of bounds early in the Bama game and is clipped hurting his leg. Daniels comes in and rallies the Dawgs through an undefeated season and expanded playoff where we play Bama again in a rematch. Struggling and 2 scores behind in the 4th, Kirby puts Newman in the game. His change of pace running and throwing deep to Pickens brings the Dawgs to overtime. Our D steps up and we’re ahead with Bama facing 2nd and long while needing a TD…having not scored since early in the 3rd. This time, our D stands. Dawgs win, revenge is sweet, Saban retires.

    Man…what a good nap, but weird dream.

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  3. McTyre

    While Daniels getting his waiver is probably good for competition and experienced depth, I fear a resumption of the QB soap opera that Drama Dawgs and the media cannot resist (or will invent). Tribalism seemed to take hold in 2018 with many fans going binary with Team Jake or Team Justin. Kirby seemed at times to break his commitment to meritocracy regarding PT in an attempt to regulate QB controversy – real or imagined. However, there’s good reason to think that Kirby learned some lessons from the 2018 QB situation and the failed experiment of Coley. I choose not to prefer certain players be deemed starters because it’s kind of pointless – Kirby and his staff will make that call and, unlike stretches of Richt Era, there’s little reason to assume politics rather merit is driving these decisions. Call me the fun police!