NIL roundup

Rivals has put together a six-part series on name, image and likeness rights for college athletes.  If you’re interested, here are the links:

There’s a lot there.  If you think NIL is inevitable for college athletes, then this particular observation should sink in, if you’re a football coach:

Imaginations can run wild and comprehending the complexities of Name, Image and Likeness, especially without NCAA legislation, can be staggering.

But Blake Lawrence of Opendorse offers an excellent analogy.

The former four-star linebacker who played at Nebraska and now runs the leading platform for athlete marketing from Lincoln compares NIL to any other part of an athletic program. That is what college coaches will have to wrap their minds around: Neglecting NIL will be like having poor facilities or outdated equipment.

“If you think about NIL as a new department within athletics – you have strength and conditioning, you have nutrition, you’ve got your training room, academics, life skills and now NIL,” Lawrence said. “When strength and conditioning became a thing, every school in the country needed a weight room. Within that weight room you needed equipment, you needed to have a standard of measurement of what is strong, what is fast, what is slow, what is weak and you needed to have a strength and conditioning coach.”



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5 responses to “NIL roundup

  1. Jim

    NLI? Check your title


  2. Cynical Dawg

    LOL at the idea of an “NIL coach”. Control freaks gonna control freak, I guess. If I were an athlete, I wouldn’t want coaches having anything to do with my NIL. I’d rather have an agent working for me.


    • FlyingPeakDawg

      Disagree. Kirby should tap into the marketing resources of our Business School (one of the best in the nation) and offer a program of guidance and results for prospects. Win rings and $$$ at UGA! Probably not a great example for a variety of reasons, but Fran Tarkenton made a ton of money marketing after football. Could see him funding a “chair” or something for this very purpose. We have ties with Coke, IBM and other big companies. UGA should get out in front of this.


    • Harold Miller

      Thinking it will start as an Analyst. Not sure it would be a coaching role.