Will no one think of the locker rooms?

The next time an AD tells you it’ll be non-revenue sport athletes that’ll suffer if, Gawd forbid, college football players should start earning something off their name, point ’em to this.


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  1. Ask that kid from South Georgia whether he would like a recliner at his locker or that cash in his pocket. The “compensation”/“pay for play” is hung up on the balance sheets of these university athletic programs in the form of equipment and buildings. When these guys do their “income statements,” all of that flows through this non-cash expense called depreciation. The more important statement to look at is the cash flow statement to understand what they really have.

    While I’m not a pure pay-for-play advocate, this is the kind of stuff that makes me want Kessler to burn the whole thing to the ground.


  2. Bama got them a “long snappah”….little nicky is working his crootin’ hard, that gap ain’t closing any time sooon….


  3. mwo

    This is to reconcile the net loss that was in the story last week.


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    I thought Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Lounge in Hong Kong and Singapore’s first class suite/pods (12k+ round-trip) were as good as it gets. Turns out it’s the men’s football locker room in Tuscaloosa that trumps them all.

    But alas, there is no money in big time college athletics.


  5. The Truth

    One of my pandemic binge-watches has been “Schitt’s Creek,” the (mostly) played-for-laughs story of an uber-wealthy family that loses it all and has to rebuild their lives in a podunk town. As it turns out, rebuilding from nothing makes them a stronger family.

    I see these pictures and as much as I want football this fall, I think maybe the whole system would be better after the Schitt’s Creek treatment.

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  6. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    When I see this, I’m convinced I live my life too online. I had two immediate thoughts that are related.

    George Floyd is murdered by cops. Protests erupt seeking justice for GF and for a change in policing, so that that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Instead, corporate PR teams decide to remove Aunt Jemima from syrup or Uncle Ben from rice packaging. The actual ask? Don’t kill us. What they got? Generic syrup and rice.

    College football players want to get paid in some shape or fashion from the giant pile of cash that flows through, around, and adjacent to the big business of college football. The actual ask? Let us get paid. What they get? reclining seats in a locker room or a lazy river in the athletic complex.

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  7. NotMyCrossToBear

    I bet those lockers really help the athletes feel like normal students.


  8. Ricky McDurden

    Forgive my ignorance but do guys even spend that much time sitting in their locker to make this in any way worthwhile? Besides before and after practice and games, are they trying to sell recruits on just hanging out in their lockers before or after class or something?


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    I want to listen-in on Saban talking to a donor: “Look, aiight…we gotta keep’em motivated aiight. We need more and better facilities aiight. These kids ain’t gonna recruit themselves. Keep donating so we can build something here. Don’t be paying the kids direct aiight. They don’t need the money, they need these facilities to be top notch to keep’em focused. I can count on you? Aiight then. Gotta go now…need to do a promo for Coke.”