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The continuing adventures of Newman porn

We’ve already seen that Jamie Newman had success last season against the blitz.  It turns out he wasn’t bad in the face of defenses that weren’t bringing extra rushers, either.

Screenshot_2020-07-21 PFF College on Twitter Highest-graded returning QBs against 4 or fewer pass-rushers last season 1 Jus[...]

(Go ahead… you know you want to mention Kyle Trask here.  It’s okay.)


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“We are still planning to play UVA in Atlanta on September 7th.”

Reduced pot of money and all

Georgia was guaranteed $4.25 million for the game but needed to sell 30,000 tickets it was allotted, according to the contract. Virginia also has the same guarantee, Stokan said. Decisions on fans will determine the new payouts that will have to be negotiated with the schools.

“Obviously, with a contracted amount, there won’t be that kind of revenues available and in addition we’ll probably take on some expenses that we didn’t have budgeted,” he said.

That includes providing masks for those that don’t have them since they will probably be required.

The stadium is being modeled at 25, 30 and 50 percent capacity, Stokan said.

“There will be some conversations with the medical community, the Falcons, the teams, but if we’re at 25 percent, we’re probably at about 17,500,” he said.

In the end, it’ll be up to the conference.  The only way this game still goes off is if the SEC elects to play a ten-game schedule with two non-conference games.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Culinary treats from around the world of college football…

  • Yikes.  Not a good look, Iowa.
  • The University of Texas says it anticipates hosting football games this season at 50% capacity in the stands.  I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • On the flip side, Rutgers will limit crowd size at football games to 500.
  • Moar QB competition.
  • Here’s your regular reminder that interviewing Bill Hancock about anything is a waste of time.
  • Here’s Fiutak’s preseason SEC rankings, and, yes, he’s got Georgia ahead of Florida.
  • California has moved its high school football season to the end of the year.  In response, a top defensive player announced he will be skipping his senior season to enroll early at Texas A&M in January.  I bet he won’t be the only one who chooses to do that.


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Ask a stupid question…

Dumb and dumber, from an HBO interview I definitely won’t waste time watching.

Screenshot_2020-07-21 RedditCFB on Twitter Tomorrow night is going to be interesting https t co XULFywEpMP Twitter

Neither one of these two has the first clue about the conditions the players are leaving or the conditions they’re facing on campus, so it’s a gotcha question and a vacant answer.

It’s the “Some of our student-athletes will drive” that seals it, though.  I almost hope Sankey was trolling the guy.  But I doubt it.


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Just a couple of running backs

Thought this was a fun comparison…


After watching those, I couldn’t help but wonder what Herschel could have done, operating out of the Wildcat.  Can you imagine the Munson call on a Walker fake and TD pass?


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