Tuesday morning buffet

Culinary treats from around the world of college football…

  • Yikes.  Not a good look, Iowa.
  • The University of Texas says it anticipates hosting football games this season at 50% capacity in the stands.  I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • On the flip side, Rutgers will limit crowd size at football games to 500.
  • Moar QB competition.
  • Here’s your regular reminder that interviewing Bill Hancock about anything is a waste of time.
  • Here’s Fiutak’s preseason SEC rankings, and, yes, he’s got Georgia ahead of Florida.
  • California has moved its high school football season to the end of the year.  In response, a top defensive player announced he will be skipping his senior season to enroll early at Texas A&M in January.  I bet he won’t be the only one who chooses to do that.


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34 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Cynical Dawg

    How does Kirk Ferentz keep his job after this? He’s responsible for setting the organizational culture!


    • TN Dawg

      Well, there are a lot of “feels” in the allegations and less facts.

      For instance, the drug testing allegations are easily quantifiable. I’m sure the final report will reflect the truth, or lack thereof, of that particular allegation. Of course even the raw numbers there should be analyzed with scrutiny, as a player that may have failed a drug test is probably going to be retested more frequently, which might skew the data.

      One has to seriously question if the coaches actually used the term “white” in describing the “mold”.

      I’m sure Kirby Smart has used the the ideals of “tough” “hard working” and “Georgia football” before. In fact, I’m sure every coach has, respectively to his school. The added “white” is almost certainly not what came out of the coaches’ mouths, but rather how the players perceive it.

      As to a standard of conduct and appearance, I’m sure Ferentz may be hardline about haircuts, etc.

      If you’d like to show institutional racism in those regards, it would be easy enough to produce. Were white players allowed to sport long hair while black athletes were required to cut off dreadlocks, etc? Or were all players required to conform to a standard of appearance?

      Who knows. At this point all we have in front of us is allegations that players “felt” a certain way, rather than concrete supporting facts.


      • Dawgflan

        You spend 7 paragraphs trying to poke holes in the recorded experiences of others half a country away, end with a shrugging of shoulders and a who know since the concrete facts were not hand delivered personally to you.

        I admire the skepticism, but wonder if you apply the same level of discernment to the statements and experiences of those that “feel” like you do.

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        • TN Dawg

          It’s a response to someone positing the premise that Ferentz should already be fired.

          My apologies if my positing the premise that the facts should play out first is misguided in your view and received as unhealthy skepticism.

          If we aren’t supposed to discuss things, I don’t really see the purpose of allowing comments on a blog.


          • Dawgflan

            Comment away, my man. I was questioning your questioning, not trying to silence you.

            Just because the raw data isn’t presented in the FOIA’d report doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Ferentz has admitted multiple times that the issues were legitimate, and made some surface level changes last year while at the same time working the plausible deniability angle to the “full extent” of the situation. He has suspended/fired the S&C coach. His son (OC) is now on the hot seat. The outside law firm is digging into the details.

            I’m not saying KF needs to be fired either, but I’m also not going to bat for the guy or trying to downplay the smoke when everyone (players, coaches, admin, fans) at Iowa have admitted there is a fire.


  2. Won’t 500 be a virtual sell-out at Rutgers?

    What you’re seeing from high schoolers is exactly the same thing you would see from college players with a spring season. There won’t be many high school players that do this, but I would guess that any player who plans to be an early enrollee will follow suit as soon as their State makes an announcement.

    It looks like Korey Foreman (the nation’s #1 recruit) is likely to do the same thing now that California has announced their plans.

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  3. DCBasham

    Just from that article, the whole capitalizing of Black but not white is just supremely stupid. Capitalize both or neither, just jeep it consistent. Eye roll.


  4. Texas Dawg

    University of Texas football with fans in the stands WOULD be allowed to happen if the season started today. Texas Motor Speedway had fans in the stands for Sundays race. While the crowd was smaller, they could have filled the stands to 50% capacity under the current executive order. The UT football would operate under the same restrictions (Page 3 2-A)

    Click to access EO-GA-28_targeted_response_to_reopening_COVID-19.pdf


  5. Harold Miller

    The question is can Rutgers even attract 500 fans?


  6. Harold Miller

    Here is a thought experiment. So, college football gets started in September and we get 4 games in and things are just too risky, so the season gets cancelled. How many folks get red shirts?


    • Derek

      Wouldn’t shock me to see an across the board eligibility extension and an increase in scholarship limits for 21/22 if the season is anything but a “full season.”

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  7. practicaldawg

    Rutgers on limiting crowd size: “We got this”



    Low grad rates at Iowa on the football team…you don’t say. How does it compare to the student body in general?