By the numbers

If you’re interested (and who wouldn’t be?), the new jersey numbers have been assigned, ranging from 0 (Darnell Washington) to 99 (Jared Zirkel).  Jamie Newman will wear 9, JT Daniels keeps the 18 he had at Southern Cal and Tre McKitty has been assigned 87.


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3 responses to “By the numbers

  1. I had an involuntary eye-roll when “new jersey numbers” went across my frontal lobe. I have the same feelings about the statistics whose name shall not be mentioned as you. Good thing you didn’t capitalize it.:)
    I like 9 for Newman. I really hope we get to see him play.

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  2. SlobberKnocker

    I’ve been curios who would be the first to wear 0. Honestly, I was hoping it would be Jordan Davis.