“I’m a fan but all I owe you is my $$.”

Somebody running for Congress takes umbrage about something Reggie Bush tweeted.  A depressing Twitter thread ensues…

Screenshot_2020-07-22 Patrick Hruby on Twitter Another Republican who is against free markets Twitter

Screenshot_2020-07-22 Buzz Patterson for Congress (CA-7) on Twitter patrick_hruby Apparently, the NCAA and USC agree with m[...]

Screenshot_2020-07-22 Patrick Hruby on Twitter I think it’s important for an aspiring lawmaker to know the difference betwe[...]

Clueless, sadly, usually isn’t fixable.  For once, I hope we don’t get the politician we deserve.

As a topper, he’s also wrong about Southern Cal.


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14 responses to ““I’m a fan but all I owe you is my $$.”

  1. mg4life0331

    I don’t care about the political or legal discussion here; I just want to know how in the hell did you find these two dumb ass low follower twitters?


  2. Patterson is correct. After all these player protests and demands I own these sports teams nothing but the price of admission. Loyalty? I do not think so.


  3. The Truth

    I’m for paying players, but selling heroin on the street corner isn’t an approved form of capitalism, either.

    The most interesting part of this is that there’s a CA congressional district where enough people care about college football to make Reggie Bush an issue.


    • I’m for paying players, but selling heroin on the street corner isn’t an approved form of capitalism, either.

      That’s some analogy you got there.


      • Gurkha Dawg

        I think his point is: Just because something is an example of capitalism doesn’t automatically make it something that is good. Meeting the market demand for heroin by selling heroin on the street corner is certainly an example of capitalism, but not many people would think it is a good thing to do. So the analogy is pretty good.

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        • Not really. Selling heroin is illegal. The only thing found to be illegal with player compensation is the NCAA cartel’s price-fixing. Which was Hruby’s point.


          • Gurkha Dawg

            You’re absolutely right about legal vs illegal. By the way, I think players should be able to participate in the free market. Nobody should be able to prevent them from capitalizing on their marketability. This would cause problems in keeping competition fair but the NCAA and conference commissioners get paid plenty to do their jobs. My point was saying something is an example of capitalism does not automatically make it a good thing.


          • The Truth

            Gurkha, you’re right about my point. Thanks.

            Something can be against the law and something can be against the rules. Perhaps it shouldn’t be against either, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is.

            Hruby was taking a gratuitous shot at Republicans, period (and I’m no big fan of Republicans right now). Pointing out that there are some things you’re not allowed to sell because of law or rules, capitalism or not, helps make that point.

            I really hoped the focus of my comment was going to be on the fact that this cat thought he could make political hay taking a shot at Reggie Bush, which doesn’t really compute for me.


            • Down Island Way

              Is it really capitalism or finding market value compensation for your likeness, name and such….


    • gastr1

      There is a very broad gray area in there. You know that in Tulsa, Oklahoma, outside the Woody Guthrie Museum there’s a sign that says “no busking allowed.”

      Because playing music on the street corner for money, that’s some crazy right there. “Approved” forms of capitalism and “free” markets…lol.


  4. Navy

    Is this the Playpen?

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  5. Patrick

    I dislike the lazy argument that any amateurism defender is an automatic hypocrite for defending free markets elsewhere.

    Any conservative knows that we need many “undemocratic” institutions in order to have a healthy democracy. Institutions where voices at the top carry more weight. Some that come to mind are your family, your company, your church, your HOA, the military…

    Whether the NCAA deserves inclusion on that list is a healthy debate. I agree with Hruby structurally, but he needs more nuance here. There ARE good things about amateur sports that should be conserved, and I fear too many are willing to burn those things down in order to punish bad faith actors.

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  6. I was about to enter the totally irrelevant fact that Buzz Patterson was Michael Jordan’s college roommate. But it turns out that was Buzz Peterson. Although Buzz Patterson was born in Chapel Hill, NC.

    Coincidence? /cue X-files theme