It’s all about football.


The NCAA football oversight committee is asking the association’s Board of Governors to avoid making a decision soon on whether to conduct fall championships as college sports tries to find a path to play through the coronavirus pandemic.

A letter dated July 21 was sent by committee chairman Shane Lyons, the University of West Virginia athletic director, to the board before it meets Friday. The letter was obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press and first reported on by Yahoo Sports.

“We acknowledge that the path forward will be challenging, and that the virus may ultimately dictate outcomes,” the letter reads. “We are simply requesting that the Board of Governors not make an immediate decision on the outcome of fall championships, so that conferences and schools may have ample latitude to continue to evaluate the viability of playing football this fall.”

They want to play so badly.  They also want to avoid the PR hit as badly.  Something tells me they can’t have both.


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  1. This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back between the NCAA and the Power 5. 19 conferences are represented on the Board of Governors, so the Gof5 and below have 14 seats (11 voting – 3 ex-officio members). There are an additional 5 independent members. Therefore, those 11 have virtual control for issues.

    At the Division 1 level, the non-Power 5 also control the agenda. They can outvote the P5 anytime they need to.

    If Board of Governors decides to cancel fall championships, I believe you will see the Power 5 (plus Notre Dame, BYU, UCF, Boise, Houston, and Memphis) walk away from the NCAA within 5 years.


  2. Why doesn’t someone just acknowledge the white/pink/Crimson elephant in the room and say we need football to finance everything else?


  3. We also need a Stones tour….


  4. 80dawg

    Regardless of a NCAA Board decision, a playoff game or games supported by TV and sponsors is still possible. Screw them. “ Will and way” for $$$$$ will decide. The best athletes may not be interested/present.