Meanwhile, in Alabama

Tommy Tuberville’s college coaching career remains fair game.

Screenshot_2020-07-23 Alabama Democrats on Twitter Two-Faced Tommy is tweeting about OUR Senate seat Which is weird, becaus[...]

It’s a target rich environment.


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5 responses to “Meanwhile, in Alabama

  1. SpellDawg

    Florida’s full, y’all please keep him.


  2. I want to meet the person writing for @aldemocrats. Ha. Not only are the points delicious, they are also delivered in a perfect staccato. Putting on master class of both 1) crafting political talking points and 2) using social media to deliver said points.


    • Word police

      Sorry, use of the word master in any context has been canceled. Verbal warning for your first offense. Have a nice day.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    And this was supposed to be the easiest election with national implications to forecast?!


  4. Ben

    Seeing Tuberville get dragged through the mud for the next few months is going to be balm to my soul.

    And I’ve seen the Jones ads. He doesn’t have it in him to be a nasty politician, so I’m glad someone is doing that work for him.