These people are adorable.

I gotta say, Stingtalk’s game has really slipped of late, but every once in a while, the commenters there go off on something that justifies the board’s existence.

This, for example, is a classic.  Among other conceits, the idea that Georgia is going to object to playing at a site where it fills at least 50% of the seating and hasn’t lost at since the turn of the century is flat out hilarious.


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  1. The funniest comment made by those nerds is that they’ll take over Atlanta if only they would stop playing us like Atlanta isn’t already taken over by Georgia alumni and fans.


  2. DC Weez

    Hell, that game is practically a home game for us. We ain’t canceling that.


    • I hadn’t been to HMRF@VDS since 1989 until this past season. I was surprised how much of the stadium especially in the lower deck between the 20s was filled with red. If that ever happened at Sanford, I would be embarrassed as a Georgia fan. We beat the living hell out of them and didn’t look good on offense at the same time.

      They have to know the Drought is going to be coming down shortly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those pencil-neck geeks end the series before that happens.


  3. RangerRuss

    Piss on those losers. I’m going fishing.


  4. Ran A

    3-16 this century. 0-10 at home this century. They actually think that Georgia needs to play at Tech every two years to recruit Atlanta. To be fair, what do you say when you have been dominated by your instate rival so badly?

    On the other hand; If what you are going to say is this stupid, you are better off not posting anything at all.


    • Also, it was funny that they said they needed to start playing Southern instead of us to help them because the enemy of my enemy is my friend. That bunch of fools doesn’t even realize that many Southern fans and alumni wear blue in Statesboro and red everywhere else. Sure, there’s the hardcore jackass Southern fans who hate UGA with a passion and sat behind me in 2015 (because they weren’t admitted), but most are South Georgians who grew up as UGA fans and decided to go to school closer to home or for less money.

      For both schools, they believe the same thing Erk did … TUCK FECH!

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      • The other Doug

        “screw uga. Lets help build up Southern by giving them the yearly game. Southern could cause UGA more issues in state recruiting if they could come up to the FIU or USF type level.”

        Would a strong Ga Southern hurt UGA or GT’s recruiting?

        These people are morons.


        • Morons may be being kind to the self-proclaimed Mensa members on North Avenue. The fact that someone didn’t read that before posting and think, “This sounds really stupid and hurts my school more” shows the intelligence of your typical StinkTalk poster.

          Georgia Southern is already beyond the FIU/USF level. You could make the case Southern has the 2nd best program in the state right now.

          I don’t Jeoff wants any part of playing Georgia Southern right now.


          • tiredofidsearch

            Georgia State is second best… beat Southern the last few times I believe, and beat the hillbillies !🤣🤣🤣


  5. DawgStats

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  6. YHCDawg

    We are 21-4 in Atl since 1971….14-1 since 1991. Think about that. In the last 49 years a Yech fan has only seen them win against us in Bobby Dodd FOUR times.

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    • And that one required a officiating gaffe that would make that Big 10 crew in the national championship game wince.

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    • siskey

      Wow. I knew that Richt never lost there. But I did not know that it went back that far.


    • That’s what happens when you treat it as a business week over emotions. Big part of what has hurt Jax


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        Treating The Cocktail Party as “just another game” is exactly what hurt us for all those Richt years when we had the better team. The reason Spurrier turned the game around is because he made it the most important, must-win game on the ‘Turds schedule EVERY YEAR.

        So I don’t get your point here.


    • stoopnagle

      Of course I had to be at the one. But I’ve been at the last two now and those were pretty nice.


  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    Be gentle folks. They’re missing ComicCon and hurting deeply inside.


  8. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    The one guy who talks about replacing us with Southern to help “build them up” because they would cause more problems for our in state recruiting is too stupid to realize that’s a self burn. And it’s hilarious.

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  9. Ole Dawg

    Well bless their hearts.


  10. NotMyCrossToBear


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  11. FisheriesDawg

    “We have been playing down to them for the last 30 years now.”

    That must be why they’re 7-23 against us over that stretch. They’ve really been playing down to us since Richt showed up (3-16).


  12. stoopnagle

    God, where do you start?


  13. UGA '97

    knock-knock. who’s there? The Citadel.


  14. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    If this is an example of the logic skills of Techies, I can understand why calculus is hard for them.