Today’s ‘rona roundup

With the Pac-12 news that the conference plans on a 10-game conference-only schedule, spread over 14 weeks (“They are assuming some success in the next month or two (against the virus),” is some assumption), here’s a breakdown of what each conference’s current plans/hopes are for the 2020 football season.

The P5 scorecard looks like this for now:

  • ACC:  decision coming by the end of this month
  • Big 12:  decision coming by the end of this month
  • Big Ten:  conference-only schedule planned
  • Pac-12:  conference-only schedule planned
  • SEC:  no timeline announced

It’s looking like Greg Sankey may be one lonely man at the start of August.  Or maybe he’s just waiting until the ACC and Big 12 leave him with no other option.  Leadership, for the win!


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13 responses to “Today’s ‘rona roundup

  1. Ran A

    Leading from behind. We know how well that works.


  2. I’m not one to defend $ankey, but maybe he already knows what they’re going to do. It seems they are looking to a 8-1 or 2 schedule based on what’s in the press right now. Maybe he doesn’t feel they need to make any announcement until he knows whether the ACC is going to play ball with the SEC. The ACC has already said whatever they do will protect partial member Notre Dame, so they first have to address how to make sure ND gets their 8th and 9th game to replace USC, Stanford and Wisconsin. They already have Arkansas on the schedule, so the ACC/SEC matchup is taken care of unless they are trying to match up Bama and ND (another rumor).

    I believe it’s the Big XII who is going to be left with no dance partner at the end of this because of the bad blood between Texas & TAMU and Kansas & Missouri.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      KU and Mizzou just announced a resumption of hostilities in 2025, so whatever bad blood they had may be settled enough that they’d be willing to play this year too.


    • Milton Dawg

      I’m not one to defend Sankey either, but I posted some time ago after the SEC ADs met that I didn’t expect an announcement coming out of that meeting. There is no upside to making an announcement until you absolutely have to. I think that they probably put together plans, scenarios, and possible ways to get in some kind of season. The only thing you do by announcing your plan is get flak from a certain portion of the population for announcing a plan and then announcing changes as circumstances surrounding the virus evolve. The Big 10 and Pac 12 both had people questioning why they would announce something so early and complaining about it.


      • Exactly … good comment, Milton. I didn’t expect anything from the last meeting. I do think they are trying to form a scheduling alliance with the ACC since the two leagues only have 8 conference games to get to 9 or 10 games. Anything they can do to make the TV package more attractive while they all plan their ticket refunds reduces the financial impact of all of this.


  3. practicaldawg

    “No timeline announced” is how you say “it just means more” in 2020


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    When everyone in the saloon has pulled out a gun and shoots themselves, it just makes sense to lean back and watch the carnage. Clint Eastwood


  5. pantslesspatdye

    I’m feeling pessimistic this morning. Perhaps, realistic. If they even pull off a few games this year, there will be an outbreak somewhere amongst 2 playing teams. Too many people in the sport, too contagious a virus. Everything will shut down indefinitely.

    This won’t change before next year. At what point do we “check out?” A lot of these players we are excited about probably won’t even play again here.


  6. 92 Grad

    All I have to say is that if we get an all SEC 8-10 game schedule it will be the best football season that has ever been played. I would hope and pray that the conference thinks back on it in 2021 and say “hmm, maybe we should just keep it this way”.

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  7. Well the wind changes direction daily but it really looks today like they’re gonna push for limited fan attendance and conference only or +1.

    Will the bands get to attend? How about students with spacing? How on earth do you space outside though?

    And it will all change again. And again.