The $64000 question for Georgia’s 2020 season

And the answers are…


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13 responses to “The $64000 question for Georgia’s 2020 season

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I expect a top-2 offense in the SEC this year (won’t that make the ‘Turds angry?) and a top-15 offense in all of CFB.

    I am also about 50% expecting to be wrong in my expectation. 🤷🏻‍♂️


  2. One thing I hope he can help improve is the relative lack of success on early downs. I don’t have any facts but it’s feel like we’ve had a lot of 2nd/3rd and medium to long the last couple seasons.

    I just don’t think we’ve been nearly as efficient as we could have been and the why seems obvious. I love man ball but it doesn’t always work and I hope Monken finds a way to mix it up better. You don’t have to sacrifice the run game to do it, either.

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  3. Will (the other one)

    Sort of a side note but still related: it’s interesting that, as good as the defense was overall, they were only OK on first downs, and terrible at tackles for loss. If the offense struggled, I can see a sound, talented defense not wanting to gamble…but if the offense is a strength next season, do Lanning and Kirby turn the pass rushers loose early and more often?


  4. Tlkdawg

    Tackles for loss was insanely low for that level of defensive talent. But I noticed that’s been the case for 5 years with this team. We’ve been below the league’s average for 5 years, what is up with that!


    • Derek

      We don’t play an aggressive style of defense. The idea is to control the run with 6, get into nickel, man up on the outside and force the qb into making difficult throws with different coverages and blitz packages.

      3 and outs are as valuable as negative plays and you’re not giving up the cheap yards you give up with high risk/reward schemes.

      Its about defensive structural integrity with players that are as good or better than the offense has.

      Which is why Smarts defenses struggle against really good qb and wr combos. Its entirely predicated on your corners winning the battle against their wrs.

      If their wrs win those battles, we’re in trouble.


      • willypmd

        I think that explains a good bit of it, but the lack of elite defensive line signees during that stretch explains the rest.

        Bama, Auburn, Clemson, UF have all signed more talented high end interior DL in that time and it shows.

        I’m excited to see what our front seven does this year with Wyatt, Herring, Davis, Walker and eventually Carter.

        My prediction is we finish top 3rd in SEC in havoc and offense this year


    • Our scheme isnt designed for it. We arent Grantham. 3 and ours and not given up big plays are more better. Just doesn’t seem as sexy cool


  5. Bigshot

    None because they ain’t playing any games.


  6. jean maxwell



  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I expect Monken to do well. It’s not all on him either, he has experienced assistants in Faulkner and Luke. That’s the backbone of a solid offensive staff, though I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple changes at the WR and TE coaching slots.

    I also like the talent we’ve assembled on offense. Some of these new starters have been itching to get on the field for a couple years. Opponents expecting a big drop off in talent are going to be disappointed.