Enhancing the academic experience

At Duke, they’re all students.  It’s just that some students are more special than others.

While the majority of Duke juniors and seniors are no longer eligible for on-campus Fall housing, one segment of the University’s upperclassman population will still be able to live on campus.

Junior and senior student-athletes on Duke’s fall and winter sports teams will be eligible for on-campus housing for the Fall semester, Michael Schoenfeld, vice president for public affairs and government relations, wrote in a Sunday evening message to The Chronicle.

But, sure, let’s keep pretending otherwise, NCAA.


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3 responses to “Enhancing the academic experience


    Many of them don’t pay any tuition either, sure they are different.


  2. NotMyCrossToBear

    The kicker in the article is that the athletes still get to live on campus even if their sports season is cancelled. The regular students have to give an academic or personal reason when they apply for on campus housing. I’m sure the university will be very accommodating for the students who don’t bring in revenue for the school.


  3. Buffalospringfield

    For What It’s Worth:
    Well it is Duke. There football has practiced social distance winning although Cutcliffe is one football whisper that any school would cherish to have. While his age is becoming a factor he just sits back with lower scholarships which Coach K and boosters buy the latest recruit for $400,000.00 unless the admission is suppressed. Most of the Duke students except for seminary are not really US citizens. Got to have those government surplus scholarships for non athletes.