Jordan Rodgers has questions.

About Georgia’s offense, that is.

“My biggest question mark with Georgia, looking back to last year, with Jake Fromm, this offense is going to be completely different,” Rodgers said…

“I don’t think it comes around quick enough to beat Bama early,” Rodgers said, referring to a current UGA schedule that features a Sept. 19 road trip to Alabama. “I’m giving Florida a slight edge just because of the question marks that Georgia has on offense and how quickly it can come together.”

But, what about the obvious?

Rodgers acknowledges the Bulldogs have a championship level defense, but he doesn’t believe that’s enough.

“They have a an elite defense,” Rodgers said. “But you can’t depend on your defense every week in the SEC to hold their opponents under 20 points to win a football game.”

Ummm… I know it seems like ages ago, but isn’t that what Georgia’s defense did during the 2019 regular season?  (Yeah, yeah, at least during regulation…)


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16 responses to “Jordan Rodgers has questions.

  1. Uglydawg

    “Polly wants a cracker, Polly wants a cracker, Polly wants a cracker”


    • Uglydawg

      Actually it’s,
      “Jordan want a cracker”.
      It never seems to cross bird-brain minds that everyone has heard this “prediction” from their equally lazy colleagues for at least half a year. Seldom does an original thought or any deep research into Georgia’s actual prospects happen. These guys just repeat the horseshit and hope it will be seen as fresh insight.

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  2. practicaldawg

    Basically his take is “UGA’s offense will be completely different but still incapable of more than 20 points, and UGA’s competition will be able to score even more on a better defense this year”


  3. sniffer

    Well, they’re paying him to say something, so he said something. My worries with Bama is special teams. There’s no UGA film of Monken except trends so the offense has a blank page to show the Tide. If the Dawgs come out showing manball the first series, I’m going to be disappointed. They will know all about out defense come game time and its the special teams that carry’s the day. IMO. Hope Scott C. has his charges ready.


    • Got Cowdog

      You’ll be disappointed, I’m afraid. Alabama will have a hell of a defense as usual, and I don’t see Kirby going all Un-Kirby right out of the gate where a turnover gives Bama a momentum edge early. I think you’ll see some RPO stuff, though. Maybe see if Newman can get a 1st down with his legs.


  4. How in the world did Jordan Rodgers get into Vanderbilt?

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  5. Ran A

    Losing to Bama wouldn’t be a surprise to me. First game, no chance to work the kinks out of a new system. Away; even if the crowd is 1/2 it’s normal size. And the weirdness of it all; playing like you are at Georgia Tech.

    But, I do think that by the time the end of the season rolls around that this team will be a juggernaut. If you split the Bama/Auburn games and win out – your back in the SEC Championship. And whoever is waiting on the other side, Bama/LSU – it will not look like the team they saw week one. And if they beat Bama in week one, I’m guessing this team doesn’t lose a game this year, as long as Covid doesn’t bite them too hard in the butt on a given week, when the other team isn’t bitten.

    As talented as Georgia is on both sides of the ball; the upside for the offense is scary good.

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    • Uglydawg

      Don’t miss the part where Jordan Rogers picked those mfers from the Sunshine State to beat Georgia.


    • Russ

      This has been my call all along. Beating Bama at Bama early in the season is a tall order. So I could see us losing in Tuscaloosa, but then beating the crap out of Bama in Atlanta. In a normal season, I could definitely see that happening. With this season? Who knows?

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  6. UGA '97

    yea yeah, still didn’t win in regulation, tied, but thats on Coley. With this returning scoring D and a minor up tick in scoring O, that should = margin expansion Mr Rodgers.


    • siskey

      Isn’t there an argument that Bama will be very conservative against us too? If they are able to play BYU before the Georgia game then maybe they feel better about letting loose but Jones is not Tua and Nick despite the articles about how he’s changed re offense sure as hell won’t want to give us an early turnover or two given what he knows about our defense. I think it’s more likely we see a low scoring game in Tuscaloosa than a shoot out. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 2020 equivalent of their game versus LSU in 2011.


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Beating Bama is going to be difficult and until one of Saban’s assistants do it then I would have to stick with Bama early on. But latter in the year I would give UGA better odds in ATL, eventually one of them will beat him and Smart has the most talent out of the group.
    But uf come on, yeah one day I see Mullen beating Smart just statistics say it will eventually happen, but I don’t think it is this year.
    How can several teams come in with true freshmen or 1st year transfers and win everything but UGA brining in a “first round” draft pick at QB and a highly regarded OC not be one of them.


  8. The offense gave up the points and laid that changed the outcome. The defense did exactly what they needed in order to win the South Carolina game.

    The only question about this year is whether we can score enough to beat Alabama. The defense will give the offense enough stops to have a chance to win.

    Yes, I’m saying it now … the Handbags don’t get to 20 again.