That’s why he’s paid the big bucks.

That this piece states the obvious isn’t what matters — it’s that so many folks don’t recognize that Mark Emmert’s main purpose in life is nothing more than serving as the P5’s useful idiot.

As long as there is value in that, he’ll have a job.


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4 responses to “That’s why he’s paid the big bucks.

  1. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Emmert doesn’t set in the cheap seats with a salary of over $400,000,000.00. Just ask Luke Ford when you see him how nice a guy Emmett is. 250 miles away from his grandfather and the rule was had to be close as 200 miles to qualify. The FBS can trash Emmert and Company but I assure you who ever the Czarist chosen to be over who ever is left playing football will laugh at Emmert’s salary.
    By the way Senator my best congrats on 14 years. I thought Clay Travis was a new country singer but I don’t get out much. They don’t make newspapers no more. I don’t have to check how the Dow did but thanks again for some hardy coffee spews every morning.
    I remember as a kid sitting on the porch I n near darkness waiting on the paper to be thrown in the yard. Now I just wait on you throwing the Dawg news.


  2. ATL Dawg

    Yep. Mark Emmert and his staff serve as a shield/punching bag.

    And based on how many people think they’re an independent entity that isn’t controlled by the schools…it works.


  3. If the promotion happens where emmert goes from useful to village idiot, there could be trouble….


  4. Buffalo Springfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Mark does nothing but at $400,000,000.00 a year seems like Luke Ford would like a sit down with him. For future reference when the remaining teams left of survival from Covid and the pick a Czar I am sure his salary will increase.
    By the way Senator CONGRATULATIONS on 14 years and counting. They don’t make newspapers no more. I have no reason to check the stock market/Dow but your the only choice left to spew out my coffee over a Gatorhater nod. The only serious sports section left in my world. Thanks again a cold one and tip of the hat to you sir.
    P.S. I thought Clay Travis might be a new country singer so your blog is educational also.
    I don’t get out much.