Things open up

Just a reminder, today is when life gets busier for Kirby Smart.

Although no decision has yet been made regarding the status of college football in the SEC, another milestone in the “new normal” of season preparations is underway for head coach Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs.

Coaches and players can now implement the actual use of a football in workouts, per the NCAA-approved six-week schedule leading up to the start of fall camp Aug. 6.

So, what’s changed from the previous few weeks?


Over these next fourteen days, coaches can spend 20 hours working with their respective teams — although players won’t be able to don the pads until the five-day acclimation period is completed next month.

Aside from all the usual things on his plate, like figuring out how all the new puzzle pieces on offense fit together, Smart’s also got to see to motivating his troops during practice when nobody knows yet what sort of season they’ll get to play.


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2 responses to “Things open up

  1. I’m not worried about motivation. There’s another blue chip or 2 or 3 right behind every starter on the depth chart.

    I’m betting Scott Sinclair has been drilling it into these guys. You prepare as if the ball is going to be teed up on Labor Day night.

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  2. The Dawg abides

    Aaand the Marlins become the first team to cancel a series because of a widespread outbreak. That didn’t take long.