Today, in Tubs love

Alabama Democrats, you magnificent bastards, I read your tweets!

You’ve outdone yourselves with this one.

Screenshot_2020-07-28 Alabama Democrats on Twitter We are informed this graphic is inauthentic Also, getting worked by Regg[...]

I am Senator Blutarsky and I approve this message.


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7 responses to “Today, in Tubs love

  1. OneBuckheadDawg

    I appreciate the Patton reference


  2. TimberRidgeDawg

    Dirty Pool Man! Playing the Reggie Ball card from the bottom of the deck…

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  3. Don’t know what a “alabamian” is , kinda’ figured it just slithered around…what would doug jones have done with the beloved reggie ball, plus would he let mr. irons have more than one carry, these and more are what registered voters are concerned with in the back woods of alabamia….


  4. cltdawg



  5. Derek

    Tubs is 0-2 lifetime vs. the nerds. Both while at Auburn.

    What a loser! Sad!

    Pat Dye was 7-0.