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Today, in I blame Bobo.

Heckuva job, Coley.

The Dawgs’ seven-point drop in scoring from 2018 to 2019 was second worst this century. Only the brain of Brian Schottenheimer managed worse – a staggering two touchdowns worse in 2015 than 2014.

If nothing else, there’s proof that big drops in offensive production are bad for job security.



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Your 7.29.20 Playpen

Let’s skip politics and you-know-what to debate something really critical.

Screenshot_2020-07-29 MummePoll Culture Twitter

With all due respect to Little Steven, I’m gonna have to go with Pet Sounds here.  And you?


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TFW you’ve had enough of this COVID crap


Screenshot_2020-07-29 Seth Emerson on Twitter The first five things on my list are alcohol, and the next five things are al[...]


Screenshot_2020-07-29 Seth Emerson on Twitter Who the hell knows Twitter

Hey, I’ve been there.  Often.


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Today’s ‘rona roundup

It has a definite scheduling flavor to it.

  • Per David Paschall, Southeastern Conference chancellors and presidents are scheduled to hold a virtual meeting Thursday.
  • Andrea Adelson answers a bunch of questions… sort of, anyway.
  • Stewart Mandel ($$) says college football should embrace the bubble:  “Frankly, the best hope is to get them the heck away from their campuses. And thanks to advancements in virtual learning, they can do so without missing any of their classes. NCAA critics might decry this as proof that athletes aren’t really students, but that ship has sailed. Last year’s Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, took all online courses. And every college student in America took classes remotely last spring. (And many will again this fall.)”
  • Speaking of that virtual meeting tomorrow, here’s a menu of schedule formats for the SEC suits to ponder.
  • An offensive lineman at Arizona has been suspended by the team for a violation of its coronavirus protocols.


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On The Ball, with Mark Emmert

The guy who allegedly runs the organization that runs a college football playoff had this to say about it yesterday:

“An individual contest — a football game, a basketball game — that’s quite different,” he said. “In the case of a bowl game or the CFP, you’re talking about a championship game. Can you create a bubble with enough lead time to have two teams play each other safely? The answer to that may be yes. The FCS is a round-robin championship with 20 teams participating and a full-on championship event. That’s a very different and much more challenging environment than adding one or two more games to a season with a lot of space in between.”  [Emphasis added.]

For the last seven seasons, the FCS tournament has been a 24-team, single-elimination event.  Other than that, the man is spot on.

It’s a good thing knowing what he’s in charge of isn’t a main requirement of the job.


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Today’s Reader Poll #2

It’s also a straight yes or no deal.

Screenshot_2020-07-29 Would you attend a football game at Ole Miss this season

As always, comments are welcome.


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Today’s Reader Poll #1

This is a straight yes or no question:  do you believe this is true?

Screenshot_2020-07-29 Paul Finebaum on Twitter -- CFBHeather tells us college commissioners and ADs are going on the advice[...]

Feel free, of course, to elaborate on your vote in the comments.


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