On The Ball, with Mark Emmert

The guy who allegedly runs the organization that runs a college football playoff had this to say about it yesterday:

“An individual contest — a football game, a basketball game — that’s quite different,” he said. “In the case of a bowl game or the CFP, you’re talking about a championship game. Can you create a bubble with enough lead time to have two teams play each other safely? The answer to that may be yes. The FCS is a round-robin championship with 20 teams participating and a full-on championship event. That’s a very different and much more challenging environment than adding one or two more games to a season with a lot of space in between.”  [Emphasis added.]

For the last seven seasons, the FCS tournament has been a 24-team, single-elimination event.  Other than that, the man is spot on.

It’s a good thing knowing what he’s in charge of isn’t a main requirement of the job.


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4 responses to “On The Ball, with Mark Emmert

  1. Like that bug is just a “spot on” my windshield, that dude is just one big SPLAT…….


  2. mddawg

    The less he knows, the less he has to lie about.


  3. BuffaloSpringfield

    For a What it’s Worth:
    Perfect example of ADD. Small numbers can cause attention span disorders when your check is over $400,000,000.00. Numbers without zeros are a problem.


  4. Unreal. Wait. NCAA Real.