Today’s ‘rona roundup

It has a definite scheduling flavor to it.

  • Per David Paschall, Southeastern Conference chancellors and presidents are scheduled to hold a virtual meeting Thursday.
  • Andrea Adelson answers a bunch of questions… sort of, anyway.
  • Stewart Mandel ($$) says college football should embrace the bubble:  “Frankly, the best hope is to get them the heck away from their campuses. And thanks to advancements in virtual learning, they can do so without missing any of their classes. NCAA critics might decry this as proof that athletes aren’t really students, but that ship has sailed. Last year’s Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, took all online courses. And every college student in America took classes remotely last spring. (And many will again this fall.)”
  • Speaking of that virtual meeting tomorrow, here’s a menu of schedule formats for the SEC suits to ponder.
  • An offensive lineman at Arizona has been suspended by the team for a violation of its coronavirus protocols.


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9 responses to “Today’s ‘rona roundup

  1. The bubble is never going to happen. If it does, I definitely won’t be participating in the college football season this year.

    For the comment about virtual classes, that might work for freshman US history or for a purely online master’s program. It won’t work at many universities where upperclassmen need courses that are offered in person only.

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    • Argondawg

      So if the bubble happens you won’t be suiting up for this season? What are you trying to say? That you won’t watch? I call absolute bullshit on that. If the Dawgs take the field even living in a bubble we will all watch. Anyone who says otherwise would not be on a site dedicated to Georgia athletics and football in particular


      • I won’t watch. If fans & students aren’t invited to participate, I won’t be watching. At best, I’ll pick up some highlights and read the Senator’s blog. You can call BS all you want, but I won’t scheduling my fall Saturdays around those 4 hours.


  2. tbia

    Of note, Arizona is one of the few major Universities with a true MD as president. They seem to be more aware than some others on this whole thing.


  3. Mandell is an idiot.

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    • gastr1

      “Frankly, the best hope is to get them away from their campuses”????? I mean, he’s right, but what university is going to openly do that? Talk about bad p.r., on about a million levels.

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  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Just a note that I got a year subscription to The Athletic recently and I am enjoying it. Read the whole article. It is semi-serious, but also a little tongue in cheek. It will never happen mainly because doing it would take planning and forethought oh, and cooperation among the P5 conferences.

    But it may be the only way to have games safely, and it would be a boon to hotels that are struggling right now. Not to mention the conferences.


  5. 123fakest

    I still don’t understand why the players haven’t started a strike yet. They have so much leverage right now.