Another early look at the new direction?

Seeing as this involves two things about Georgia football that invite puffery, it bears saying that it should be taken with a grain of salt, but check out the sales pitch Smart’s staff is throwing out on the recruiting trail to tight ends:

Prospects like Spurlin can modernize the TE position at UGA. That’s exactly what Hartley said to him when he offered…

But Hartley eventually started talking football.

“He told me that they are done with the hand on the ground tight end and they are looking for that flex tight end that can run routes,” Spurlin III said. “He was like it is now more of a receiver but more of a hybrid position but that’s what they are looking for and he said that I bring that to the table.”

That’s what Spurlin can do. He will be 16 in September.

“It was awesome to hear that from Coach Hartley,” he said. “The new tight ends now play a fun position to certainly watch but also to certainly play, too. It is a really important position and I’m glad to see Georgia is using it in a different way. I hope maybe I can be a part of it one day.”

I’ll believe it when I see it.  But I want to believe it.  Damn it, Monken, you shouldn’t tease me like that.



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7 responses to “Another early look at the new direction?

  1. mg4life0331

    Alexa, Play “Keep on Loving you”


  2. dawgtired

    When it comes to UGA promising to use the TEs, I feel like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football while Lucy jerks it away…every time. I’m afraid to get my hopes up.


  3. McKitty has the prototypical size and skillset to play that style of TE. Assuming we play, Hartley’s talk will need to be walked in about a month.


  4. This is what the modern college tight end should look like, Even Engram.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    I hope it’s true

    BTW Senator, you probably know this recruit’s dad (mortgages) and granddad (realtor) as they’ve been in the R/E bidness in ATL for decades and they are as Dawg as Dawg can be.


  6. Diving Duck

    I think we’ll see it with Darnell Washington. Kid’s gonna be too much of a force in the passing attack to keep him off the field. Looking forward to what this offense looks like next year with him, the 2020 class WRs in year two, and Pickens/Blaylock in year three.