Another thought about Newman

Jake Rowe argues in this piece that Kirby Smart knew he had some fixin’ to do to Georgia’s offense after last season and took three specific steps to do so:

  1. Hire Todd Monken.
  2. Sign Jamie Newman.
  3. Recruit a top-notch receivers group.

About Monken, Rowe says,

Monken has looked for balance during his career, but if he favors one offensive element over the other, it’s the passing game. His offense contains influences from the air raid scheme. He’ll throw to set up the run if necessary, and he’ll throw to win. In his previous stop as an offensive coordinator at a Power 5 program, at Oklahoma State in 2011 and 2012, his offenses ranked in the top 10 nationally in passing yards per game.

In 2011, the Cowboys ranked No. 2 in that category, piling up 387.2 yards per contest with Brandon Weeden under center. They slipped to seventh in 2012 with a still-impressive 331 yards per game despite having three quarterbacks with more than 100 attempts on the year.

Monken went from Stillwater to Southern Miss, where he inherited a team that had gone winless the year before he arrived. By his third year, the Golden Eagles were in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, finishing with a 9–5 record behind a 4,000-yard passer (Nick Mullens), a 1,300-yard receiver (Michael Thomas), and two 1,000-yard rushers (Jalen Richard and Ito Smith).

Georgia is hoping for similar results and, more specifically, more explosive plays. The Bulldogs finished 70th nationally in scrimmage plays of 20 yards or more with just 58 in 14 games, and Monken will try to remedy that with graduate transfer Jamie Newman or former USC signal-caller JT Daniels at quarterback.

Notice he did all of that without a running quarterback.  Which leads to what Rowe writes about Newman:

Newman, a 6’4″, 230-pound run-pass threat, gives the Bulldogs something they have never had — a quarterback who can thrive in the power run game. He didn’t put up video game numbers on the ground at Wake Forest, but he was incredibly effective with the designed quarterback run, amassing 575 yards and six touchdowns on 180 carries last season. In 16 career starts, he has racked up 10 touchdowns on the ground, and he’s adept through the air as well, piling up 2,868 yards, 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions on 61 percent passing last season.

There’s been a lot of speculation that Newman’s game at Wake will neatly translate over to Monken’s scheme, but I’m not seeing it.  Wake ran an offense that was uniquely attuned to what it had, personnel-wise:  a big quarterback with a big arm, little running back talent, a subpar offensive line and some good skill position guys at wide receiver.

That ain’t Georgia.

Screenshot_2020-07-29 Home Twitter

It’s unwise in the sense that it’s unnecessary.  And if you look at the other talent Monken has in his quarterback room, it’s hard to see why he’d want to run an offense that doesn’t suit any other player he’s got at the position.



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23 responses to “Another thought about Newman

  1. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Sheesh – 180 carries last year? Guaran-damn-tee he’s not taking that many hits this year. No wonder he wanted out.


  2. 81Dog

    Could Newman be a bigger, stronger version of DJ Shockley? Obviously, JN hasn’t been patiently waiting his turn, but he has plenty of live game experience. Shock could move, but he had a rocket arm, too. Or maybe Newman is a young Ben Roethlisberger (minus the questionable social choices). Big, strong, agile in the pocket, hard to bring down before he gets the ball out. Either way, I’d be happy.


  3. UGA '97

    “He did all that”

    Besides talent & personnel match ups, whispers by a certain school in Florida say Monken didn’t call the plays at Okie State. But then ask them why is the data so consistent (passing yards go up, scoring goes up, etc.) everywhere he goes? Would be good to see more detail of the plays called while he was at Southern Miss & OSU.


  4. Is 3.2 YPC “incredible effective?”


  5. I’ll just be happy to see:

    1) more throws to the middle of the field
    2) more runs to the outside


  6. Mayor

    If no football this season I’m betting Newman never plays a down at Georgia. Even if we play this year it is no lock that Newman wins the starting job. Daniels is the future at QB for the Dawgs.


  7. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Would you orchestrate a run scheme that asks 5 guys 6’4” 325 pounds ( all but one at least a 4⭐️ ) to drop step rather than use their brawn to create push?
    1) UGA’s offensive front was second only to the Oakland Raiders in poundage in 2019 by 334 pound NFL linemen to UGA’s 328 pounds.
    2) Manball rushed for 2,844 yards for 185.1 yard per game with a 4.9 per carry average.
    3) Remember UGA had Murray State, Arkansas State and UMass on the schedule.
    4) UGA scored TD’s 36 times while being on the Red Zone 55 times.
    5) Coach Smart’s comment was “I am not as much interested in the weight as what’s between their ears.”
    6) There always seemed to be one OL that was not in accord with other’s while Swift, Herrien, White and little used Cook was hit in the backfield and managed a good gain.
    7) This years group weighed in at 325 give or take a pizza or 3.
    8) Still waiting on this brawn to create this push you speak of.
    9) Older Memory fades but it’s not been that long ago that the Dawgs were the heaviest OL in all of football. Thinking that year was not as good as 2019.


  8. We can run the same GD offense we ran last year and see 10Xs the effectiveness if (a) the QB actually keeps it on the ZR every once in a while, (b) the QB throws deep and into the middle of the field, ever and (c) our seeming ability to now capitalize on busted pass play scramble yardage comes to fruition.

    The offense we had on paper was not a bad offense, it’s just that we only ran a few concepts out of it because (a) we had no backup QB, (b) we had an inept QB coach and (c) our QB had increasingly diminishing confidence in both his coaches and receivers.


  9. Jack Burton

    If Newman is as talented mentally as he appears physically I don’t think he will have any problems in whatever the offense looks like. Let’s just hope he has the guts to fire it over the middle.

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  10. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What it’s Worth:
    Here is hoping there is a season and that he’s still at UGA throughout 2020.

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  11. Cousin Eddie

    Question, I know Kirby gets the man ball reputation, which is deserved, but he did learn from Saban and Saban started off with a more physical ground and pound scheme as well. Once the Defense was were he wanted he switched to a more “modern” offense. Could that have been Kirby’s plan all along? The D has steadily improved to a place where Kirby might be more confident in winning with Offense as he knows the defense is stout enough and deep enough to handle more possessions and plays by the other team now. Basically could it be part of the long term plan to get the D to where he wants it then move the offense in a better direction?


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Gotta give Kirby the highest marks for doing an incredible job assembling and managing the O roster. It could’ve been a very desperate situation with Fromm, Swift, Thomas, Wilson and Kindley leaving early, not to mention replacing Coley and Pittman. We had a batch of highly rated returning players waiting to establish themselves, but the only ‘proven’ players coming back were Pickens, Hill, Cleveland and Salyer.

    This O has been rebuilt in a matter of months. We’ve added Newman, Daniels & McKitty via transfers. The addition of 5-stars Milton, Jones, Washington, as well as multiple 4-star WRs and OLs. And Monken, Luke and Faulkner on the staff.

    Kirby took a situation loaded with question marks and completely turned it around. To watch this guy work a roster is to be amazed.

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  13. All I want to see: 1) Newman hangs in the pocket and slings it all over the field. 2) When the pocket breaks down, he uses his feet to make positive yardage. Anything else will be the cherry on top.

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  14. FlyingPeakDawg