How’s that SEC Year of the Quarterback narrative going?

I, uh, dunno about this list, guys.

Screenshot_2020-07-30 SEC Mike on Twitter SEC QBs named to 2020 Manning Award Watch List Kyle Trask, Sr , Florida Bo Nix, S[...]

Maybe the Manning family has extra time on its hands with COVID and all to follow a few more players this season.


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11 responses to “How’s that SEC Year of the Quarterback narrative going?

  1. josh hancher


  2. Spike

    I listened to “SEC Mike” on the radio this morning.. and I’m sad to say I’m dumber for doing so.. What a putz he is.


  3. siskey

    Mond had a chance under the old schedule to get off to a really hot start IF 1) TAMU is finally decent (and not the Georgia Tech of Texas) 2) Jimbo still has it and was not instead the beneficiary of a weak ACC and James, but the schedule will most likely change and he will have to face the tougher teams in the SEC West earlier in the season which will likely end his candidacy.
    Trask is just not that good. He may be good enough to beat Georgia but I doubt it and I was not impressed by him last year. He throws a lot of balls that should have been picked off that weren’t. Having lived through a few QBs at UGA that do that (Bobo pre 1997, Murray in big games and Cox every game) that eventually catches up with you.
    Nix scares me the most but I’d rather Auburn have him than have Nick Marshall or someone who is a more rugged runner. The QB at Texas is someone who I think would be trouble in the Mahlzan offense more than a drop back passer like Nix. Maybe he can and will run more and if so he’s more likely to contend for this award.


  4. practicaldawg

    They obviously didn’t watch the UF-Auburn game last year. Probably the worst QB play I’ve seen in an SEC game in 20 years.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That is a pretty effing lazy list.

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    • Down Island Way

      And now, for the short list, from the University of Georgia…. “Hello Newman”…..Peyton would want it that way


  6. Man that’s an underwhelming list to say the least. None of those guys are really a “cut above”, well, anything…


  7. McTyre

    Fine with me. Preaseason accolades by media and fans for a one-and-done player in a year where he’s the final ingredient for a championship run is too much pressure. I can’t set enough of the Trask, Mond and Nix love😎


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    There’s a “Manning Award”?! What do you get for winning, a month’s worth of free pizzas? Or do you have to endure the insufferable commercials to be eligible? Then I would agree Trask and Nix should be listed.


  9. Mayor

    You may laugh when I say this but Nix has the most upside of the three. He was a frosh last year and started every game and beat Bama.


    • 123fakest

      I agree. Nix, should he continue to learn, will be a solid QB in the future. I’d take him in a heartbeat.
      That being said, screw Auburn.